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Interesting tweet from Kendall Rogers...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Punter1, Nov 18, 2020.

  1. Probably the best college baseball journalist there is...worth a follow if you like that kinda stuff.

    This year's team is gonna be insaine...Gonna have at least 6 weekend worthy starters, countless experienced bullpen arms and tons of returning bats. And a dam good coaching staff.

  2. But will society as we know it still exist in March for their to be baseball?
  3. I say let's play 4 weekend series and go straight to Super Regionals.
  4. Still can’t bunt for [ #2020 ]. Probably can’t defend against the bunt either. Screwed.
  5. This upcoming season has the potential to be a very special one. Lots of salty teams and a Nation hungry for some real baseball.
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  6. I hope society as we know it....DOES NOT DARNING EXIST in March. It better be a whole lot better.

    As Rodney Crowell says in his new song...."I'm Looking Forward to the Past."
  7. Get ready to be disappointed. When phrases like “climate change pandemic” are flying around among the ruling class you are only in the beginning phase of this stuff.
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  8. Don't count on it....Science heads say even with a vaccine, the virus will still plague us through 2021
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  10. Politicians have assumed the role that previous, older societies assigned to high priests. Governments are the new deities, politicians their voices, citizens their servants.
  11. Editing is not necessary in this case....
  12. People should not be afraid of their governments.
    Governments should be afraid of their people.
  13. Can’t get over a 91 mph power slider. How the game has changed.
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  14. last time the frogs got a hard throwing right hander out of the college station area things worked out fairly well
  15. In his senior year in high school my son was a bullpen catcher for the RR Express when they came up to play at Bricktown. I can't recall the pitcher who introduced him to his first 90+ slider but it hit him in the right shin guard without so much as a whiff of leather as it went by. I remember Ross Ohlendorf laughing his arse off because my son didn't know how to communicate with those pitchers (neither in language nor in signs). FWIW - Ross was a very decent fella and took the time to help my kid out. My son had caught Michael Fulmer quite a bit so he wasn't unfamiliar with velo but he was ill-prepared for an uncalled 92mph slider.
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  16. King George kept a picture of George Washington in the Royal outhouse because the site of Washington would instantly scare the [ #2020 ] out of the King.
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  17. You mean scientists that ignore biology and say you can pick your gender?
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  18. Screw Omaha. Bring on the Dodgers!
  19. Naw...

    Some asshoe MLB scout(s) will raid our pantry and strip away all the stud players.
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  20. Well yeah, AFTER we beat the Dodgers.

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