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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by DeFrog, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. I know I’m an old but please tell me I’m not the only one who can’t stomach Steve Dennis on ESPN in the afternoon. Cowlishaw is fine but I swear that Dennis is the quickest change the station radio voice I’ve ever suffered. If there’s a bigger look at me and where I grew up, play golf, used to vacation, work in tv and know so and so please correct me. Unless I hear differently I’m sure he’s a swell guy but man I feel better now. Thank you killerfrogs.com brothers and sisters.
  2. You are not. Forget waterboarding. The CIA has found a far more effective method of torture for suspected terrorists: piping in Steve Dennis.

    I’d rather listen to Screamin’ A Smith than Steve Dennis. Worst broadcaster ever.
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  3. Mosely was worse. Not even close. That guy sucks sweat off a dead man's balls.
  4. Well you’re problem lies with listening to the absolute garbage that is ESPN radio. They all suck.
  5. Also, Steve Dennis not only sucks at radio, he’s an Ohio State alum. So he sucks at life.
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  6. Wexapoo
  7. I’m sorry, up until 30 seconds ago, I’d never heard of Steve Dennis.
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  8. I'm not sure why you need input. There are many choices available for entertainment. Regardless of what anyone else thinks, if you don't enjoy a particular person or program, watch or listen to something else.
  9. Ever see Wexapoo and Steve Dennis in the same room?
  10. Does a corpse emit ball sweat? If no, how did the ball sweat get there?
  11. thanks steve.
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    Here's input for you: get a life.

    Edit: ^^^^harsh^^^^ sorry. Posted before I came to.
  13. Necrophiac Baylor fan?
  14. Or necrophiliac...
  15. No problem. Probably a sliver of good advice there. Go Frogs!
  16. Steve is actually a nice guy off the air. Can't stand Cowlishaw or Mosley. G-Bag Nation on the Fan is pretty bad too. I gave up on all of them and just listen to podcasts now. Am/FM radio is terrible.
  17. I only listen to Stugotz
  18. No. That's how hard he sucks.
  19. If you are in this market and are not listening to The Ticket for your sportstalk radio, you are wrong.
  20. DeFrog, I enjoy your posts, but if you've got time to watch this stuff in the middle of the afternoon, you've got too much time! If it ever cools off, go for a walk instead.
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