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I think we're a year away

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Frognosticator, Oct 24, 2020.

  1. I would agree with this had it been posted in late October 2018. That would have been one year after he said he should have built the depth to win in this conference.
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  2. How many players do you want to lose? How many years do you give a new OC to recruit for and implement his system? If you think the outcome is predictable you have a fiduciary duty to change. So many people with sentimental inclinations. Understandable yet destructive.
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  3. Baylor 16, UT 27
  4. earned it?

    he is among the top 10 paid coaches in college football and gone 29-23 overall in his last 4 seasons and 18-18 in conference play. add in the four games this year and that goes to 30-26 overall and 19-21 in conference play.

    think the tab is pretty close to paid
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  5. We're a year away from having 9 NFL players on the team and still missing a bowl game due to bad offensive and defensive schemes. That was a year in the past. We aren't getting better...we're getting worse. The problem is the coaching...not the talent. Off years just means 2 wins rather than 5.
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  6. This is all very true. Honestly, I agree with the main poster on this thread. Also, Donati and those over him probably wait to see if there's improvement next year.
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  7. Not sure I care about the score of one game, it's more about the overall record.
  8. What's the price for P5 inclusion? Pretty close to priceless I'd say. It doesn't matter though, his contract goes to 2022, and so we're asking, not telling. We need to come to a position Gary would say was fair, and having hired all these "new" coaches, he's going to want more than just a abbreviated COVID19 season to see how things play out - even though the rest of us can predictable figure out what that will be.
  9. 2024. TCU extended Coach P 2 more years after the 2017 season.
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  10. facepalm_medium.jpg
  11. ^^^ Yep. That's a lot of guitars.
  12. I feel like we’ve said this the last 3 years now.
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  13. Some of you Refuse to believe your "Low Fuel" light that has been blinking for 38 miles.

    There has been overwhelming evidence its past time for a change.
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  14. Yes we have...this all started in 2016...a 6 & 7 season.
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  15. would say 5M a year is the price for p5 inclusion and with that comes expectations.

    come to a postion gary would say is fair? you are kidding right?

    these aren't problems unique to this teams and this season. as many have posted these are recurrent problems that he doesn't show signs of be willing to deal with as he rehired an offensive coach he basically fired and moved back an offensive line coach he moved out of that position once before

    we are well past fair and he has been duly compensated for what he has done at tcu
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  16. I’m glad someone is optimistic because I’m not. Wish I was.
  17. No, I'm not. If his contract goes to 2024 then he likely has a strong negotiating position. I'm guessing he has a very favorable cancelation clause, and we're not a university of unlimited means. Like it or not, we're going to need his buy-in.

    Now as for the rest of you post, I totally agree.
  18. This is a tough one. I don’t see a path where GP cleans house and starts over.

    Is it possible that GP has had, or will have a hard time finding an OC worth his salt that would actually want to come work for GP?

    What well respected OC is going to come in here and get throttled by GP’s ridiculous ‘protect my defense’ mentality.

    And what up and coming OC is going to put up with GP’s antics. It just won’t mesh.

    So where does that leave GP in this equation?
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  19. I want to believe.

    I don’t.
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