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I think we're a year away

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Frognosticator, Oct 24, 2020.

  1. Look, we have bad lines. Lost a ton of talent from last year's lines, and, as we can see on the field, they haven't "grown up yet." Bad lines make everything look bad, and its frustrating as hell. I went to work at 17-0, knowing that this just isn't the year for us.

    However, considering all the players coming back next year on the lines, they will only be that much better and have a ton of experience. That combined with a seasoned Max in his junior year, the stable of incredibly talented RBs and receivers, not to mention TEs, I think we make a run for Big XII championship next year.

    I know you guys will pillory me for this post, but that's how I see it.
  2. a year from staff changes?
  3. I guess you didn't see the blown coverages, sloppy tackling, p poor play calling or poor clock management I saw AGAIN this year.

    It's far from just the lines.
  4. What was the excuse last year and the year before that?
    The oline looks the worst it has been in a long time. How can they be expected to develop under bad coaching?
  5. Tackling was not good today.
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  6. Actually sophomore year #2
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  7. Just two more weeks
  8. I will not pillory you.
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  9. you mean the quarterback isn't down with two hand touch?
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  10. Nope
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  11. We owe GP so much ... But he does owe us Sincere OL Coaching and to not put Anderson back as a failed WRs coach again next year(desk job please), as he put him this year, as a previously failed DL coach,

    And GP ... why did we run a 3 man DL on a 3rd and 1 .?.
  12. It’s Covids fault y’all
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  13. yep, I give GP one more.
  14. Never knew we had so many Cubs fans.
  15. When Van Zandt had Rattler dead to rights and was on him... it made think they greased Rattler up before the game. Then I realized, they wouldn't have to use grease. Our tackling is that bad and line gets no pressure to even worry about...

    Zero U left the lube at home today, it was all on us.
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  16. Sooo do we waste all that potential on a dated coaching staff..? Just say'n Baylor seems to be doing fine post Art Briles...
  17. It’s time for you to stfu. Your bit on this board is tiresome.
  18. bit obvious and abrupt for that user name
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  19. My vote is to keep Gary through the 2021 season based upon his solely getting us into the P-5 as to give him the benefit of the doubt. Then, if the team doesn't trend up definitively, he gets counseled to retire (ala Darrell Royal, Mack Brown, maybe Abe Martin & Dutch Meyer style).. I love Gary as much or more than anyone and so want him to make another successful run and think that it's quite possible for him to do so.
  20. I could get behind that, it was a serious coup d'etat to get is back into the power 5, does seem like he's earned it, even though I think the outcome is somewhat predictable.

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