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I guess I have not seen enough OU football this year

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Limp Lizard, Dec 14, 2019.

  1. Because I don't see all the Heisman hype given to Hurts. He is a super power runner at QB, but I have not seen any games that I went "Wow" like I have with Burrow this year, or Mayfield two years ago.

    It will be interesting to see if Riley can come up with an offense with Hurts to keep up with LSU. Also the defense will have to kick it up a couple of notches, which is possible since this is the DC's first season at OU and he has those 15 extra workouts to improve.
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  2. He gets a hype boost because of Mayfield, Murray and Riley and their consecutive performance success.
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  3. Riley has had some good QBs to work with but he is also smart enough to create schemes to make them better. Hurts had a good year but he’s not close to the best QB in country
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  4. Was not impressed at all with Hurts this year. Turnover waiting to happen and a hesitation machine back in the pocket. I think he had kind of a “I’m almost too cool for this” vibe all year, played with so little intensity and so much carelessness.
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  5. Burrow won the Davey and will win the Heisman. Could be a runaway.
  6. My thoughts as well. He just carried himself in a very very odd way all year. Sometimes I thought man, this may be one of the more arrogant kids I’ve ever seen and other times I felt like no, it’s not arrogance, he just doesn’t seem to care that much about anything.

    I couldn’t figure it out but that too cool for this vibe perhaps is the closest way to explain it.
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  7. I’ve seen too much. scheiss OU
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  8. He was courted like a million dollar free agent going into the season. Basically a hired gun who looked to me like he wasn’t all that passionate about OU or his new teammates.
  9. Tough crowd

    This decade, of the total 1263 FBS teams/offenses, only 3 have averaged over 8 yards per play:
    - 2017 Oklahoma
    - 2018 Oklahoma
    - 2019 Oklahoma
  10. The guy accounted for something like 50 plus tds this year. So kudos to him. While he may have had some ball security issues, he did carry that team. Will he win, doubt it, the voters made up their minds weeks ago.
    But Hurts has handled himself well considering all he has gone through. He got Bama to multiple conference titles. Came off the bench to save the day for one. And then got one for OU.
    Regardless of what plays out, the guy has had a very good college career and shown great fight. So good for him.
  11. Couldn’t handle the week in, week out Big12 grind.

  12. Statistically, he had one of the greatest seasons of any QB in history. In fact, I think the three highest passing efficiency ratings ever were this year (Tua, Burrow, Hurts). He completed 71.8% of his passes this year for 11.8 yards/attempt (don't compare those to Duggan's numbers unless you want to feel bad). And he also ran for over 1200 yards and 18 TDs.

    And I have a hard time reconciling that with the fact that he doesn't look that great to me. That's probably mostly related to the fact that he almost cost OU the game against TCU, but also the fact that OU's offense struggled a bit down the stretch. Somehow he put up mind-boggling numbers while not totally passing the eye test. My theory is that Lincoln Riley is a genius.
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  13. Hurts is a QB that makes a lot of self inflicted errors. He is a talented player to be sure but his errors keep other teams in games where another more polished player would be sitting on the sideline enjoying the blowout. I haven't seen the other players but I don't think I would vote for Hurts for the Heisman this year.

    It is interesting though because he could very well put it all together in the CFP and help win the whole thing for OU. He has the tools but his focus drifts in some of these other lesser games. Perhaps a Heisman snub will give him extra motivation.
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  14. Do you think he looked all that passionate at Bama... think he is generally a pretty reserved character. As poorly as he protected the ball, a bit surprised he made it to the final four candidates.
  15. Really surprised he finished a distant second.....I had Him 4th. Young second and Fields third.
  16. So you're not interested in pulling for the outside possibility of an upset for our Conference Champ over the SEC … to arrive at the NCG.

    Believe we know the probable out come already, but surely Big 12 fans would appreciate a win over the Tigers with all the SEC pompousness.
  17. scheiss OU
  18. I'm with you, he is an offensive wizard. All the motion and deception and double moves by Lamb, tough to defend but this time, they ain't playing TCU. I believe OU keeps it relatively close the 1st. half, down by 14, but at the end, LSU 45 OU 24. If O wants to run the score up on them, he could hang half a hundred on them, plus.
  19. Not sure what your point is since Hurts had no chance at actually winning the Heisman. You say he didn't look nearly as good as guys like Mayfield or Burrow, well, those guys won the Heisman going away and he didn't, so, ........?
  20. Did you not see their Heisman winning QB from 2 years ago?

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