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I an retireing

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Earl from Mesquite, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Aftre 30 years in the grinding busyness, I hafe decided to retire.

    My grinding yard is up far zale. Got a Harkinson 2000 grinder with a semi atomaytic flywheel .Its a humdinger to see it grind and cuold grind down a locomotif in 2 huors.

    Grindering is a yuong mans game now so I am closing up and heading back to Cement, OK. Got a mobile home on a acre and a half up there so me and the mrs. wil retire in style.

    Come buy the grindering yard for a frea sack of grinderings for X-mas.

    If yuo all are efver in Cement, come see me.
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    Gotta keep grindin’
    But I respect your decision.
  3. But whatever you do, don't put your nose in the grindering machine!
  4. It brings a tear to my eye to see a hard working “busyness” man work hard and live the American dream.

    Live well Earl, you’ve certainly earned it!
  5. Earl you are a true legend in the grindering game. You will be missed!
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  6. Earl you will be missed and you are correct about grindering being a young man's business now. Its being taken over by all these young hipster grinderers and their artisan grinderings. Yeah they say they are carefully blended to bring out the full effect and resonance of what a true grindering should be but its really that they are too lazy to keep their steel grinderings separated from their brass grinderings. Then they have the nerve to slap a fancy name on their grinderings and upcharge you for it.

    These dang millennials are just in it for a quick buck.
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  7. What are potential uses for a frea sack of grinderings? Seriously considering taking you up on this offer.
  8. They are useful in the manufacture of plastic robots.
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  9. Ooooohhhhhh now I understand exactly the potential of this. Yes Esrl, I will take some grinderings.
  10. They feed blacktop viruses!
  11. But, there is this place on the Brazos south of Ft. Worth, shaped like a toilet, that needs to be grindered down to ground.
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  12. Harkens back to the days of Whitewolf and Tired....
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  13. Earl says the grinder he's selling will grind down a locomotive in a couple of hours, so you could probably take care of McClane in < week. Go buy it and git to work! Video highlights and put it on a Vlog for us to follow!
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  14. Grinderin that public toilet would be satisfying to see, indeed. But, grinderin done right takes time and care. I hate to be a waitin on the destruction of so repulsive an edifice, even if it is by grinderin. Let's just use a [ steaming pile of Orgeron ]pot fulla explosives and do it right!
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  15. Have some chocolate pie with The Morose Dr Moe to celebrate.
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. The lack of replies to this show how new a lot of the board members are
  18. We should establish a Grindering Hall of Fame
  19. Prolly bidness is off because of the availability of pre-grindered items these days.

    Rise and grind earl!

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