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I am confused about our use of Freshman TB's

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Limp Lizard, Sep 29, 2019.

  1. We just so rarely use the middle of the field. That has been the case for the last decade. It's very frustrating.
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  2. I think this is where I stand too. If a kid can help you, play him. Chances are he gets hurt sometime within the 4-game window sometime during his career and has to miss a bunch of games in a year....use that as the redshirt if you have to. And if either of these kids ends up being really good they won't be here in Year 5 anyway, that's just the way it is.
  3. Slowly starting to roll this way myself.
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  4. Believe Demarcado got hurt in the game and that’s why Barlow came in
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    My thoughts..... I’m guessing GP looked at yesterday as potentially the only blowout left on the schedule so might as well get them both some PT. Not gonna be many games left where we need 4+ different RB to get carries (assuming ED is OK). I’m also in agreement on if they’re good enough to help us win games right now then screw the redshirt.
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  6. These 2 kids are equal in my eyes. Would love for both to get 4 games in this year... however, It's inevitable that one is needed, considering the beating RBs receive.
  7. I’m just happy I’m no longer terrified like in previous years to find out what it might look like if our 3rd/4th/5th RB has to play.
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  8. 8 games left and you have 5 games available for the freshmen, 2 for Barlow and 3 for Foster. Barring injuries there are 4 or 5 games that appear to offer little chance they will play so there are going to be more games both will play.

    Plan was to get them experience and not burn the RS. Both have looked good but a little raw. This gives them more film on both for evaluating and teaching.

    As long as Sewo and Jet stay healthy I expect both to RS. However in the mean time the more they can get on the field the better.
  9. Listening today Landry Burdine almost swallowed the mike saying the same.
  10. This is what your concerned about? Let it go

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