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Hunt in the portal

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Frog-in-law1995, Oct 29, 2020.

  1. Kids entering the portal DURING a season that doesn't count against their eligibility doesn't sit real well with me but do whatever you gotta do I guess. Why they can't stick it out and announce after the season is over doesn't make much sense to me beyond them just being quitters. Best of luck to the kid.
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  2. THE PORTAL!!!

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  3. Like anything else, I'm sure the faster they get in the portal the better odds they have of getting the best offer. If 4-5 other WR transfers get picked up before you enter, might have missed out on the best opportunity.

    It's a frustrating deal. I think they should be responsible for their Fall tuition.
  4. Great WR except the catching the ball part. Looks like a beast and has the ability to be real good. Hope it works out for him, he had ample time to show it but didn’t get it done.
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  5. Well yes, but you have to be a target also. It's all just a mess.
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  6. As long as Barber, Conwright, and QJ are healthy he's at best our #4 receiver and I'm not sure how many targets #4 (and beyond) WRs should be getting.
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  7. Can't wait to see him in the sun belt.
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  8. Anybody that doesn't want to be here....bye.
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  9. Good, now we are down to 19 scholarship WRs
  10. Since we have an offensive philosophy that places a premium on keeping the best players on the field and feeding them relentlessly and riding the hot hand while rarely substituting, you may be right. /s

    Not /s — I’ve lost track of who’s a receiver v tight end v RB who catches an occasional pass v receiver who runs the ball but I wouldn’t have had Hunt in my Top 7 of players who occasionally catch passes.
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  11. Sad but true. Our main running back is our QB who is coming off a pretty significant heart procedure. Our RBs and WRs are almost interchangeable, doesn’t make much difference what we call them. The highest rated recruit we’ve ever signed is a “RB” who has more catches than carries through 4 games.

    It really is hard to believe sometimes how screwed up we are.
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  12. Would be a bigger deal if we had an OL that allowed our QB to throw to our WRs.
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  13. We need to start the purge of all the 4 star players.
    This is kinda how I imagined the portal..

  14. Hunt is a really good kid. I hope he lands in a good spot.
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  15. I'm not sure if I want to be here.
  16. Is there a transfer portal for fans??
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  17. This hurts my soul.
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  18. I can appreciate the frustration, but this seems like a good way to get players paid which I am guessing you aren't crazy about.
  19. He'll probably end up on a $ec roster with a coaching staff that has a plan and ability to call plays, become a beast of a receiver.

    This is just the beginning is what I am guessing.

    Thanks GP.
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