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How the darn is Baylor getting all this good luck???

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Punter1, Nov 10, 2019 at 8:57 AM.

  1. Do the football Gods have that short a memory??? So 2017 was the only season they had to truly suffer??? Who did they sell their soul to this year for everything to go right?? Because that is not a Top 10,15 or 20 team. If they are...we are. Because no way they are better than us.

    This year they get Iowa St on a 150 degree day game in September...get bailed out with a BS call against Tech...get bailed out with a BS call and have 10 other crazy things that had to go perfectly right against us...including our pathetic play calling....in order to win.

    I don't think anyone would disagree we were the better team yesterday.... and in my opinion clearly the better team overall. Bad coaching, bad luck and bad officiating darned us again.
  2. Agreed with some of what you said. We look like absolute trash on offense and didn’t really deserve to win that game, but yes, they are the luckiest team in America.

    Last drive:
    -Brewer throws an interception, Frogs Win! (Negated by their darn up of a false start)
    -Field goal attempt, snap goes through the holder’s hands, Frogs win! (Negated by their coach trying to ice their own kicker and a last second time out.)
    -Worst kicker in the Big 12 hits a 51 yard field goal after missing a 32 yarder earlier.

  3. Everyone keeps saying OU is going to crush Baylor next week. I’m not so sure. They are just so lucky this season. They will probably win off of a blocked extra point or something and end up in the playoffs. Just the way this season is going.
  4. Hurts should run all over them. They have weapons and will use their weapons a lot more efficiently than we do. We had plenty of opportunities and both execution and play calling kept us from taking advantage of what they were giving us.
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  5. I've seen a lot of the sentiment of "we didn't deserve to win with our terrible offense" and I can't really argue with that. It has to be noted, though, that if that's your perspective then the same thing has to be said about Baylor as well. Their offense looked as bad or worse while going up against many backups in our secondary. They needed all kinds of things to go their way just to barely crack 200 yards and 9 points in regulation.

    So we can certainly say we didn't deserve to win because of our offense but Baylor's offense was no better and maybe slightly worse so it's not like they deserved it either. Then with all the things you mentioned and others have as well they REALLY didn't deserve to win this game.

    CFP did get the Baylor ranking wrong. 12 is way too high. This is the most miraculous accumulation of good fortune, favorable officiating mistakes, and favorable schedule. No need to fear, though, this thing is absolutely going to crash on them sooner or later. They're just not good and the luck can't continue on like this much longer.
  6. I don’t think they are going to go undefeated but at some point a team is going to have to beat them. I don’t think OU is going to run over them like everyone thinks because I don’t think OU is that great. We TCU fans just think they are because they’ve beaten us so easily the last few games.
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  7. Agree mostly. I'd just say that Tech and TCU already have beaten them. Only through seemingly devine intervention did those wins not become official.
  8. I tend to agree as it pertains to how good a team Baylor is relative to who they are being compared against. But this is a perfect example of why the CFP committee gets unfairly criticized IMO. They get [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] for being pro-SEC, pro-Big 10, pro Blue Blood and anti Big 12, yet here we have an undefeated non-blue blood Big 12 team ranked #12 and us TCU fans who hate Baylor think the CFP is ranking them too high. I absolutely guarantee you if the shoe was on the other foot and it was TCU who was undefeated and ranked #12 behind all these other 1 and 2 loss team everyone would be on here calling absolute BS.

    What people want out the CFP committee is for them to rank teams based on how each individual fan base would prefer they be ranked, not on any objective analysis. And that's an absolutely impossible task because fan bases are so emotionally biased toward their own programs.
  9. You think it's a foregone conclusion that we make a 2-point conversion to win the game? Really? Have you seen our offense?
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  10. That's not what I was referring to
  11. Are you paid by ESPN to defend that cluster darn?
  12. I realize there is luck involved. However, you cannot say that being 9-0 is all luck.

    Rhule has a philosophy and sticks to it. He believes in our defense and does not want them to be on the field more than 60 plays or so each game. As a Baylor fan, it is hard to watch 3 quarters of limited offense, especially since we are geared to see offense.

    Winning close games can be viewed as luck, or as doing what it takes to win. The referee argument I understand. It has been bad all year.

    it’s funny...the national perception is that we are not very good. LSU can beat Alabama 46-41 and it is viewed as 2 great offenses. Nothing is mentioned about poor defense. Both TCU and Baylor played exceptional defense yesterday (9-9) at end of regulation, and all this discussed is poor offense.

    If recall a few years ago Alabama and LSU played a 9-6 game and all we heard was how great both defenses are.

    Truth is perception.
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  13. EAD
  14. We are pretty evenly matched as we saw yesterday. We are 4-5 and you are 9-0. Yeah. That’s a ton of luck.

    I’d rather be lucky than good, so just roll with it.
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  15. You said it better.
  16. It was a very tongue in cheek half kidding remark but I'm glad we could get your terrific defense of the committee again.
  17. I agree that your 9 wins aren't all luck. You came by 7 of them pretty legitimately.
  18. They legitimately beat 0-9 Rice by 8 points.
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  19. Yes. A lot too. Trust me, you wish you had my gig.
  20. Don’t know the answer to your question, but it is true the CFP, located in Irving, has a marketing group that includes people paid to do online social media PR.

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