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How much to go to the TCU/USC BB game at Dickies Arena???

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Brog, Sep 23, 2019.

  1. Just put this on the basketball thread, but maybe it deserves its own place as its new info. If not, you know how to let me know I'm wrong.

    Hey, just got my first offer to buy tickets for the TCU/USC basketball game Dec. 6th, 8 PM, Dickies Arena. I can sit floor level for just $100 a ticket, one notch higher for $75 a ticket, still higher for $55, or nose-bleed level for just $30 bucks a ticket. Me, wife, 3 grandkids for just $150 if we sit way up there. Makes me look back on the cost of season tickets in Schollmaier.
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  2. I don’t expect the arena to be sold out. I bet ticket prices come down the week of the game. Of course, you picking leftovers at that point but might save yourself some dough.
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  3. At those prices it won't be close to sold out.
  4. That is outrageous. Talk about having 1000's of empty seats.
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  5. Agree
  6. Thanks! I had not seen this! Seems fairly reasonable to me.
  7. i thought the purpose of this type of marketing was to encourage people to buy tickets
  8. At the rate football is going might not have to worry about bowl game tickets.
  9. There will not be any nosebleed seats in the arena.
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  10. I believe this is the first sporting event in the arena. I’ll be there. Thinking about the floor seats but likely will go for the next section back at $75. Wouldn’t miss it. Just like the Schol, I don’t think there are any bad seats in the arena.
  11. How would you know?
    That's what they said about The Ballpark in Arlington and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of bad seats.

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