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Houston Chronicle: Texas, Oklahoma reach out to SEC about joining conference

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Jul 21, 2021.

  1. Yay we can finally go independent like Notre Dame!
  2. We’ve been doing that for awhile. There is a reason we’ve been scheduling Cal, Stanford and Colorado.
  3. Also while we're at it, someone esplain why ND would want to join a conference if we're going to a 12-team playoff.

    Perhaps this would help us land in the ACC.
  4. There's no guarantee these two schools are a package deal. It's not far-fetched to see them each go to separate conferences. Talk about ultimate chaos.
  5. Mizzou and OU could appease some of the issues with Nebraska. Nebraska longs for their old rivalries. I don't think ISU is a contender. KU might be of interest, but it doesn't have the appeal that many would desire. The question is whether or not they complete the KC market. I also wonder if women's hockey will be a consideration for the Big Ten. They are 2 teams from being able to make it a conference sport.
  6. They might have to have a permanent mask mandate regardless of vaccine status.
  7. Not sure I have seen so many people drive off a cliff at the same time. It’s like the unfinished highway bridge in Idiocracy.

    Nothing has happened yet. If it does TCU is a school in a fertile recruiting ground with an alumni base who has a ton of money. We have a great program and good name recognition. Put yourselves in the shoes of the other Big 12 schools out in the middle of nowhere and think about how bad they are freaking out.
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  8. SVP just made some good points. If those two schools want out they are gone. I think OU has to ask if they have a better shot at the playoff as an 8-4 team in the SEC or an 10-2 team in the Big 12. As for Texas I will believe their success in making the playoff when I see it. Like A&M they've had some great years surrounded by a lot of mediocrity!
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  9. Wont go one by one but in general you have to keep in mind alumni+tshirt fans and thus potential eyeball counts, average ratings over recent history in key demos, competitiveness and commitment to football, and to a lesser degree basketball. What markets they are in or have fan “density” in helps, less so than years ago.

    KU would be premier 1C level if it had tried at all to invest in football over the years, but it couldn’t put anything together consistently.

    TCU suffers from eyeball and general interest deficiency, it’s just a fact. We’ve benefited from performance and surprising relevance given our size, but that only goes so far. CDC had a tell for years, when he’d gripe that we only had 40k alumni he could identify and email, and that many were graduating from Texas every few years.

    DFW helps, I’d rather be here than Waco or Lubbock, but only so much.
  10. I want to believe. It just seems more likely that TV dictates that alumni/fanbase size is more important than anything else.
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  11. Some of my best memories are us running the table every year in the MWC. At least if it happens this time the frogs could still make the playoff.
  12. 65 current P5 teams if you include ND.

    If four super conferences with 16 each is where it’s headed then it’s TCU is battling with Baylor, KState, WVU, Kansas, Iowa St, Okie State and Tech along with any from the G5 that may be appealing which I guess would be Houston, Memphis, UCF, SMU, UNM, UNLV, Co State maybe a couple of others.

    TCU leadership needs to be positioning themselves as better options than all of those schools and putting all their resources into not being left out. Watershed moment for a ton of universities, TCU included.

    There are some tea leaves that maybe TCU has been preparing for this and has targeted the PAC as their landing spot. The California student body population, the liberal policies cropping up, the non con football schedule, the TCU brand itself that has fought to make sure it’s always TCU and never Texas Christian.

    It could stay pretty simple if UT and OU leave together. If they go two different direction then all hell really breaks loose
  13. I think he’ll retire in the next few years before the GOR is up. Or if they negotiate an earlier ending I think he retires whenever that happens to end.
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  14. I imagine he rides out the Duggan career and hangs it up.
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  15. Saying they are different does not explain. How are they different? Do cable providers no longer pay a fee for the channel content providers? How are the bundles with the Big 10 network different now than several years ago, and if so what channels are they now bundled with that is different?
  16. If it ends up with 4 power conferences, what are the chances the 12 team playoff recommendation change or disappear?
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  17. Um, ya need to catch up just a bit. Yeah, football for TCU might look a little different since the Big East doesn't play football anymore.

    That is about option #27.
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  18. Thanks for giving us something else to worry about! But you're right, of course.
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    If the B1G, PAC and ACC don't make a move, I still don't see TCU being in the AAC.
    OU and UT leave the Big 12, then the conference adds Houston, Cincy, UCF and USF to get to 12.
    WVU may try to block Cincy, then you might be looking at Memphis.
    No doubt TCU, Baylor, Texas Tech and Okie State would successfully block SMU.
  20. Just think about Rice playing in that huge stadium with a tiny crowd.

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