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    Sunday's article
    FWST: Delton or Duggan? TCU’s quarterback competition extending beyond fall camp
    DMN: Patterson says he won't name TCU's starting QB until 'probably game week'
    DMN: Losses of key contributors adds to the complexity of TCU's linebacker situation
    247 Sports: Patterson not naming starting QB just yet
    SB Nation: Bengals coaching change could bode well for Andy Dalton

    Saturday's article

    247 Sports: TCU HC Gary Patterson pleased with DE progress

    Friday's articles

    FWST: The next Ty Summers? TCU freshman Dee Winters has been a quick study
    247 Sports: Patterson proud of TCU's ACS expansion, vows spring game coming
    AAS: Triplets of the Big 12: Delton can bring a bit of Manhattan over to Fort Worth, Frogs hope
    GoFrogs: Anderson, Reagor on Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award Watch List

    Thursday's articles

    FWST: Despite ‘NFL-type ability’ and chance to start, TCU football’s Wilson calls it quits
    FWST: A true freshman and a Big 12 transfer are separating themselves in TCU QB battle
    FWST: Position battles heating up for TCU. What will Patterson do at linebacker, OL, CB?
    FWST: ‘The fastest I’ve ever seen him.’ TCU’s Darius Anderson ready to turn on the jets
    247 Sports: Montrel Wilson has left team according to TCU HC Gary Patterson
    247 Sports: TCU freshman LB Dee Winters making a good impression early on
    DMN: Gary Patterson tabs Alex Delton, freshman Max Duggan as front-runners in TCU's QB race

    Wednesday's articles

    FWST: No. 46? ESPN’s ‘best players’ list isn’t sitting well with TCU star WR Jalen Reagor
    FWST: No. 4 overall prospect? This preseason list should make TCU’s Jalen Reagor much happier
    FWST: TCU scored its fewest points in two decades. How the Frogs plan to be more explosive

    Tuesday's articles

    FWST: ‘He brings great energy.’ Former QB Kenny Hill becoming valuable member of TCU staff
    FWST: TCU continues fight with NCAA over Ohio State transfer Baldwin’s immediate eligibility
    FWST: Less heat, more sleep: TCU’s reaping benefits of adjusted fall camp schedule
    FWST: Which freshman has impressed Gary Patterson; Aussie punter’s improvement
    AP: Reagor, TCU healthy after impressive recovery
    DMN: 5 breakout candidates for TCU in 2019, including this 'surprise' at wide receiver

    Monday's articles

    FWST: TCU QB in medical boot at Saturday’s practice; how battle for starter is unfolding
    247 Sports: TCU QB battle will go on at least another week
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  2. Thank you for sharing these links. Very useful forum. I like this Forum.
  3. QUOTE(William123 @ Oct 14 2009, 05:19 AM) [snapback]404201[/snapback]
    Thank you for sharing these links. Very useful forum. I like this Forum.

    Glad you like the articles and links.
  4. Yeah, Top, these are good. By the way, I worked with the grandfather (God, I'm old) of the guy who wrote the QB yarn in the Abilene paper....Bill Youngblood, long-time S-T writer and editor, whom some of you might remember (he's the guy who wrote the column proposing that North Richland Hills be renamed North Jiffy Lube).
  5. I enjoy the new format.
    Real clean, one stop shopping....
  6. 2314 never bored with Top's work.
    Keep up the good work, Top. Thanks for all you do.
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  7. Check out what I found on the web, you should definetley post this on the blog. Some Frog fan created a TCU youtube video. ITS A HORNED FROG IN THE MORTAL KOMBAT GAME. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2njoa36gdXM hahaha hilarious
  8. Here's over 120 news links for MWC and related football news over the last 3 days. I update this at least 2-3 times a week or more. A tweet link is avaialbe to be notified of new updates...just trying to get the word out on MWC sports (have a seperate bball page also...kinda quiet right now)

    FOOTBALL NEWS MWC Football news

    BBALL NEWS MWC Basketball news

  9. Every time I click the link I get a friends of af
  10. Every time I click the link I get a friends of af
  11. Here's an article from Fox Sports SW about the Frogs:


    Spring Football Questions: TCU
  12. Top is back in the article posting house!
  13. Hey,

    Does anyone know of a link to stream the TCU game thsi weekend online? I am in training and only have a laptop.

    - William Harp
  14. Here is a link on TCU. Its really just an opinion-editorial and nothing really special....but I figured I would share it. I am an Aggie (as you can tell from my handle) but have always loved the Frogs (as I am from Fort Worth and my mom went to TCU).

    Anyway, just thought I would share it.

  15. Dang...post count started over!! Oh well, you can tell I haven't posted since the last killerfrogs.com site. haha
  16. DSR has their preview post up:

  17. Sounds like he's had some Dan Jenkins influence! I like it.

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