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Hire a Special Team’s Coach!!!!

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Big Frog II, Nov 9, 2019 at 11:56 AM.

  1. How many fake punts do we have to give up?
  2. Ray Charles, Helen Keller, Fannie Crosby, Stevie Wonder....
  3. I'd say 'who didn't?', but the answer to that particular question is a bit obvious...
  4. Like for Fanny Crosby reference
  5. Of course we tried to run it out and end up with it on the 5 instead of the 25
  6. Go back and look at the kickoff we recovered. We had two #12's on the field. Gladney was high fiving Derius Davis, both #12. Refs missed it, led to a FG. We got called on that at OU a few years back I recall.
  7. Yet ANOTHER successful fake punt today. What a fricking surprise!
  8. Teams quit doing it because, I’m sure, they thought it was too easy. But one each of the last two games.
  9. Not having a coach allows for Gary and all other of his catching staff to blame losses on special teams and no one gets fired.
    It’s actually genius- the scapegoat is Mia.
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  10. Only one person didn't.
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  11. KState 2013. Boykin was returning punts and Verrett was in to prevent the fake.
  12. I don't think the fake punt even bother me as much is the always, and I mean always penalty on a good punt return that brings it back. Every time we have a good return I don't even get excited because I know it's coming back for a block-in-the-back or hold.
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  13. Three of us in the stands were yelling fake punt when their punt team huddled for much longer than a simple "we're gonna punt". Our coaches truly must just be plain STUPID!!!! Is there a Coaches Transfer portal that we could put 4 or 5 of ours on?
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