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Heads may explode, Redskins starting the process to change their name....

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by CryptoMiner, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. You are painting with a broad brush there. It was the California and east coast touchy feely types that started that everyone wins crap.
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  2. So are the Vikings up next for a name change?
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  3. The Pit...of Dispair.
  4. Yes! Yes!

    And didn’t Cowboys fight Indians and steal their land? Weren’t Raiders essentially pirates, thieves and murderers? Buccaneers were, too. I bet the 49ers displaced indigenous peoples and stole from them. Don’t Jets drop bombs or fire missiles? I bet some of the Patriots were slave owners. Do you think Saints tolerate every other people’s religious beliefs? Those damn Steelers were the original labor abusers. And those Titans. Who the hell are they to believe they are superior to everyone? How many people have lightning strikes killed!

    Burn. It. Down.
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  5. Ah, I see we've entered the whataboutism strawmen portion of the "why the ethnic slur is bad" discussion.
  6. Whataboutism? I love it how liberals have created this new way try to shut down discussion by trying to dismiss the exposing of their hypocrisy as some pejorative of "whataboutism." I'm pretty sure that there is plenty of "whataboutism" coming from the left every single day, so spare us your self-righteous indignation.

    Can we not have a little fun on here by showing how silly things in this world have become? We are to a point where EVERYTHING sparks outrage. Forgive me for trying (obviously unsuccessfully) to bring a little levity to the situation.
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  7. Considering the new push is to rename the Rangers I think the left is well past making this all about ethnic slurs.
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    What about the Atlanta Braves, KC Chiefs/ Cleveland Indians...And the Cleveland Browns may be considered offensive to POC....
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    The lesson to be learned from all of this is that sports teams should not have mascots named for any individual, socio-ethnic group, military organization, or philosophy....."Presidents" and "Generals" can encompass historically good- and bad-performing military personnel...."Volunteers" can mask the intention of why those volunteers stepped forward...."Fighting Irish" plays to a disreputable stereotype...."Warriors" can be a euphemism for "Indians," or "Redskins"...."Tar Heels" honors Civil War confederate soldiers from North Carolina....Navy "Midshipmen" is today inappropriate in view of the gender-integrated service branch....
  10. hard to say, paul brown might have been a very good guy and he was one of the early offensive geniuses in football
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  11. The real lesson to be learned from ALL this is.... you can never appease the mob, nothing will satisfy, whether it's mascots, statues, naming of institutions or whatever, appeasement never works, it only emboldens their actions.
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  12. Meanwhile the Arcadia High School Apaches contacted the tribe who said they were good with it...in LA County!
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  13. Maybe so, but what do the woke white people say?
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  14. They appear to be most of the people offended.
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