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Heads may explode, Redskins starting the process to change their name....

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by CryptoMiner, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. When are they going to change “Washington?”
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  2. Racist.
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  4. From that Sugar Bowl??
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  5. The Washington Jacksons.

    Why not name it after a President, our nation’s capitol and all...
  6. The Fighting Whites!
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  7. way too much thought went into this post
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  8. They can pick up where the hoop team left off... and play as the Washington Bullets.
  9. So were the slaveholders Andrew Jackson, John Tyler, and Ulysses Grant....
  10. Simple...the Deadskins. That’s what I’ve always called them.
  11. Also no good. Gotta remember what that C stands for and who it represents.

    I think the only real answer to all of these problems is to go with the little league model and give teams numbers. Don't refer to the city they play in. Just Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, etc...
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  12. District 12 Hunger Gamers
  13. The Washington (all) Americans.
  14. Mordor on the Potomac Evil Overlords
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  15. only if Gilbert Arenas gets the inaugural coin flip.
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    Actually, no. The Oklahoma/American Indian side of my family, which included a tribal chief, doesn't find it offensive in the least. And I'll tell this story again -- I played on an Indians baseball team with a player/manager, along with his brother, who were full blood American Indians. They also traveled as American Indian dancers, in full garb. Our team wore Cleveland Indian caps with the grinning Chief Wahoo logo. And our jersey said INDIANS in the biggest letters possible.
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  17. will heads explode when no heads explode over this?
  18. Maybe they could become the Washington Windtalkers? Nicholas Cage could be the mascot.
  19. Amazing when one’s anecdotal evidence is discredited by someone else’s anecdotal evidence.

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