• The KillerFrogs

Has anyone seen my specialty plates?


Here at Salata, you can order a large salad, a small salad, or a wrap. But NOT a 9mm.


Land Frog

Darn baylor!
I’m old enough to have “Dad Rap” playlist on Pandora and let me tell you, it “slaps” or whatever.

One day I was a [ #2020 ]head handcuffed to a bullbar and then I blinked and I am doing dishes and laundry bc the wife is gone and it needs to be done. Recently had to explain to someone that the Butthole Surfers was a real band and that N2Deep was the [ #2020 ].

I’m now bald and realized that I was posting my ratchet ass [ #2020 ] starting in 2013….

You may have to translate some of this. Handcuffed to the bull bar I assume means about to get arrested. Now, dad mode with responsibilities. Good on ya.