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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. What happened?
  2. Don’t worry that whole movement will hit every University before long. If we’ve figured anything out, it’s that once these things get rolling nobody or no institution is safe.
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  3. Just lots of people posting stories of racism they dealt with at SMU, mostly involving Greek life. Some pretty vile stuff.
  4. Yeah, we had one not too long ago.
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  5. Some pretty lame stuff too. "I got kicked out for only committing plagiarism once"...... "The Sigma Chis hung a MAGA banner from their house after the election."
  6. Is it actual racism or is it hazing that happens to folks of all colors way too much?
  7. Some of the stuff was exactly what you would expect from smoo. Other stuff was just dumb. How is a MAGA banner racist?
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  8. Is that a serious question?

    What I mean is, how can you tell someone how to interpret a slogan or symbol? There are still people who claim the Confederate flag isn't racist. Doesn't mean the rest of us don't see it as such. It's not the words that make MAGA feel racist.
  9. The first rule of HASMSP is........
  10. Yeah, let's drop the subject.
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  11. is it illegal to be drunk and ride a skateboard ... on the inside lane of a 4 lane arterial in Plano?
  12. Not sure, but you shouldn’t be posting on KFC while riding your skateboard.
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  13. I can’t ride a skateboard sober. Then again I also can’t operate a motorcycle.
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  14. I posted this on the TCU 247 site the other day, but figured my HASMP friends would like to see this as well (I’m just copy/pasting my post from over there)...

    I was just walking my dog around the neighborhood wearing a TCU shirt and got stopped by a father/son who just moved in down the block. The dad asked me if I was a TCU alum and then said “You guys just got one hell of a running back!!” very excitedly. I asked if he was talking about Zach Evans and he said yeah. Turns out his son and Zach are good friends. He said Zach was over at their house yesterday and has been working his butt off. Dad said he’s a TCU fan now and will go up for some games. And then after our conversation ended they started to drive off and I yelled out “is he a good kid?” and the dad replied that “he’s the best, great kid, y’all are gonna love him”.
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  15. They threw something at his SUV, then wanted the police when things turned on b them.

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  16. There are threads for political stuff on the General Board
  17. Random Hot Sports Opinion

    All Paddle Boarders deserve to be eaten by sharks

  18. “Because the tangerine overlord is racist.”

    - probably Tyler, hiphop or frogwang
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  19. upload_2020-6-3_23-12-0.jpeg
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