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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Frisco sucks.
  2. The whole frickin town looks the same. Not kidding. Everything looks the same here. And their are drunk moms everywhere.
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  3. isn't that redundant?
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  4. This stadium is a nice facility, though. I may come back for the FCS title game.
    Holy ship, Kent State is about to score.
  5. S pass for a td.
  6. They swing too. Because their sad lives of living in a suburban wasteland with a husband that works too much and nothing he provides is ever enough leads them to stray. It’s science.
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  7. frisco, you say?
  8. onside kick coming
  9. [ What the heck? ]
  10. if that gamble pays off, these kent state fans will be seriously bummed.
  11. ball game. that was fun.
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    Picked up my new SxS today. Pretty excited about this Can Am Defender XT Max HD10. I was originally going for the Maverick, but the Defender sucked me in. It just fits my style a bit better. Pics won’t upload, but it is a blast to drive. Obviously not quite as sporty as the Maverick, but plenty powerful for me and has enough suspension travel for the style of riding that I do.
  13. Pics?
  14. It was my favorite when I was in the market a few years ago. Had a few problems with mine but it's probably because I tend to be a little hard on them.
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. there are a few tweaks to the new 2020’s. I like that it had a selectable rear diff locker. My Honda has that and it was a game changer. Also, some newer color options and added 10 HP. It’s geared really low, as you’d already know, so the thing just takes off and feels like it can pull a house down with it. My only gripe is the suspension travel, but I think I’m getting the better overall deal. If I didn’t hunt and spend a lot of time outdoors doing utility stuff, then I’d definitely get the maverick x3. I just couldn’t justify buying a basically a sport only SxS. I need something that can do a bit of both, obviously the defender does more of one than the other, but I just didn’t like the can am commander or the Polaris General as a crossover.
  17. Forgot to mention. I was able to keep my old rims and tires from my heavily modified Honda mud bike during the trade negotiations. So, the defender is about to be sitting on some 31” highlifter Outlaw tires and waiting on a small lift (if it even needs it). It came stock with 27” tires.

    today was a good day
  18. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond today. Had a coupon.
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  20. I went with the spyder. Bitchin ride bruh

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