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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Look at my Jugband post at the top of the same page. That was the joke. We are not slipping at all. Just getting better with age and repeating the same jokes over and over.
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  3. I should have known better. Thanks for being you, Doc.
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  4. Tell us more about knowing the royal family. What was princess Di really like? Do you still visit buckingham palace often?
  5. Well camila is hot, so not very. or she didn’t age well at all.
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  6. Per usual, all of the actors are more attractive than their real life counterparts.
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  7. I think it is supposed to be fairly accurate. There was that movie "The King's speech" that came out a few years ago which is shown in season 1 as well. I've only seen the first season but may pick this up.

    I have high hopes for "the Witcher" as well.
  8. Any Cabo recs? I’m booked - just looking for restaurants or activities.
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  9. I stayed at the Riu Palace, did a scuba excursion, and used RedRum fishing charter (owned by a TCU Grad) for a half day. We had a blast. Spent a lot of time walking around the Marina and checking out local stores and such.
  10. Awesome. Thanks for the recs. I’ll def check out RedRum, as I want to do some fishing. I’m going to take a day excursion to swim with the whale sharks - looks pretty rad. Would love to do scuba, but not certified.
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  11. Red Rum Sportfishing. SOTB’s gig.

    edit: nwla covered it.
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  12. Fify
  13. Sorry, I meant to say that we snorkeled. How embarrassing.

    Sorry, I got that twisted up. Still, had a great time. We used Cabo Adventures. They offer whale watching and snorkeling together. If I remember right they also have catamaran and sight seeing tours, ATV tours through the desert and more activities that I can’t remember off the top of my head.
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  14. All good!! No worries. Snorkeling it is for me too. And good call on the ATVs. Those look fun
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  15. There’s some cool nightlife too. Squid Row was crazy. On the beach there’s a place called The Mango Deck. We went over there and got over served while watching a live twerking contest. Pretty neat, lol.

    I think the best food is at the Marina. They prepared our mahi-mahi that we caught for us and served it 5 ways. I can’t recall which restaurant we went to for that, though.
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  16. So the Parlor Manager asks Black Frankie where he’s going to go now. Says he has to go down to Baltimore to help his cousin Nathan who lives in Lexington Terrace apartments.

    Nathan Barksdale of Lexington Terrace fame was the inspiration for the Avon Barksdale character in the Wire.

    Both shows produced by David Simon.
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  17. You may be able to scuba. Things may have changed in 20 years, but I was able to do scuba diving in Mexico with only a 1/2 day crash course beforehand.
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  18. Can’t speak to Cabo, but In Hawaii there are outfits that will dive you without being certified. Thing you can only go down 30’ or something but it was very cool.
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  19. That's similar to what I did. We were deeper than 30' (maybe no deeper than 100'), but definitely had a limit to how deep they would let us go. Highly recommend doing this.
  20. hahah. Love it. Mango deck is on the list, as my gf recommended we needed to hit it to turn up for a bit. Thanks
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