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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. You are lucky I got my new pants on, or my mom would let me ride my bicycle over there and kick your @$$. So I guess we should meet at the bike rack. But it needs to be early, I have to be home before dark.
  2. It certainly isn't for everyone, maybe not even very many people at all, but I give him props for pushing the envelope. They are very very divisive. I have no need for a truck but theres a decent chance my next vehicle is hyrbid or full electric.

    That being said Musk is probably 1-2 years too late; there are no less than 8 electric trucks coming to market by end of 2021. This list includes Ford, GM, Rivan, and Lordstown (which is actually a former GM plant location).

    Lordstown render looks pretty badarse to me:

    Rivan R1T will need to make their lights compliant but also way more truck like than the Tesla.
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  3. An electric truck would make a bad arse hunting rig. I have wanted to chop up a prius since they came out.
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  4. Too late


  5. This got me pretty good

    Here is the play
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  6. Took my F150 in for some warranty work few months ago and they put me in one of the new F150 diesels. Really liked that combo a lot. It would flat run! Had no problem from a stop or getting on it at highways speeds. Plenty of power.

    I pull trailers fairly often, but no heavy loads so I can’t really justify the need for it.

    But it was getting 26mpg. Much better than my 3.5eco boost at 17-18mpg.
  7. That middle picture is pretty cool looking, but that last picture, Rivan R1T, is hideous. It looks like someone chopped up a couple of cars and attached a truck bed on it. Like the wheels though.
  8. Can really only speak to Ford and Chevy, but the F-150's have a more roomy interior and a better ride. I love the 5.3 Chevy/GMC V8... good MPG and plenty of power, but the EcoBoost is nice as well. I'd give the nod to Chevy on the engine, but lean towards Ford on space and comfort.
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  9. Assuming this finishes the way it’s going Garrett has to lose his job after this game. He’s so scheissing awful.
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  10. Really think Jerry will go after Riley if he fires Garrett
  11. I bet you Riley tells him “no” if he does. I would if I was him.
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  12. Yeah. For some reason I think Lincoln is planning to stay in the college game. I'd really love to see him in the NFL, though.
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  13. I'd be okay with Matt Rhule in Dallas too.
  14. He won't survive Black Friday.
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  15. Bills making Dallas look like South Dakota.
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  16. Would be funny if Riley said “yes but.....Jerry, sell the team to Stephen or Charlotte for $1, otherwise, no.”
  17. @tcudoc ??
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  18. Black. scheissing. Magic.
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