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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. I think this is an indirect indictment of you via your friends.
  2. Dogs don’t drive cars. That’s silly.
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  3. Oh, I’m certain of that. Actually, more of a direct indictment.
  4. was gonna go with baby shark, but I think you're far more advanced than me when it comes to popular music, so trusting you on this one.
  5. What an insult.
  6. Below is just my am opinion on some trucks based on owning a couple and test driving quite a few and hearing from other folks. So it is probably about as worthless information as a wooden nickel for a subway ride. that said ...

    I have heard the same about the RAM. Have known multiple folks who have had them (the 1500) model and had issues that lead to them getting a different truck. The engine is pretty solid (the Hemi. The diesel V6 had issues and was not really worth it). The 2500 Ram has been pretty solid for some guys I know. But they have it with the Cummings. I liked the 1500 RAM, but just got nervous after hearing what happen to others. But you never know if it was the equipment or the operator just treated it like [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ].

    I picked up a Chevy Silverado 1500 LTZ (2018) model and it has been solid. (I've only had it a little over year). The mpg has been a pleasant shock. V8 and I have gotten around 30 mpg on some highway stretches when I kept it at just under 65. Not hard for me to see 24 mpg on the highway at close to 70. It goes from 8 to 4 cylinders for its econ fuel mode. I run part highway and city streets during the week and get over 20 quite a bit.

    Still has solid power. Not that you need it, but I have easily pulled horse trailers with it. I have the full tow package, including engine shift and trailer braking. Mileage drops when towing, obviously.

    Other big surprise is how well it handles. Very smooth ride. Been a great ride on long trips. Closest I found when test driving trucks was the Nissan Titan. Also, the Chevy 2500 handles very well for a truck that size. And it does not sit too high. The Duramax is awesome. We've used a 2017 model for hard working trips. GMC's are really good too. But the chevy LTZ pretty much puts you in the same type of ride. So it just depends on what deals you can get. (as with all trucks)

    Folks I know who drive Fords like them. I thought they were pretty solid but did not prefer the packages/price points. And the chevy handled better imo. Plus it had what I really needed. That Ford F150 with their special V6 (can't remember what they call it) is supposed to work pretty hard. Pretty nice mpg. The F150s are nice rides on long trips. The F250 is a very solid truck and gets it done. Seen them do the hard work first hand. And they are nice to hit the road in. Again, not really what you are looking for (I am guessing) just the fyi.

    Toyota Tundra - Folks I know that have them have not had any problems. They like the power and the truck handles well. MPG is usual truck MPG. but that engine is a hoss.

    Nissan Titan - standard sized V8 model was really nice when I test drove them. They have a model that is in between and F150/1500 and F250/2500 set up. Its basically a tweener. Cummings turbo diesel or an unleaded model. Was shocked how smooth it was. Don't know anybody that has one. Have talked to people who I saw driving them and they were pretty pleased with it.

    My advice, for what it is worth, is to test drive everything and really think about what you use it for and then break it down to a few and really get into the little details of what you like. Then the usual homework. For the most part, trucks seem to hold up well. Sounds like you had your last one for a while. Seems like there are plenty of deals out there. I've gone so far as to check with dealers in OK and Arkansas. But, as it usually goes, ended up finding a really good deal here in this region. But I was willing to spend a month or more searching.
  7. I was really happy with my Titan. Currently, I drive a 2500 Silverado for work and I have a Tahoe that I traded the Titan in for. The Titan (mine was a ‘13) handled amazing. Plenty of power, very good transmission, lots of cabin space, it was very reliable. I got pretty bad MPG, but that was my only gripe.

    I’ve had a ram (01’) and it was a total piece of [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]. The interior falling apart, the shippy transmission, exterior paint flaking away, and plenty of other things. I’ve never owned a ford, but I have owned 3 Silverado’s and I’ve enjoyed them and I’ve never had an issue. The new Ford’s seem very solid though. Drive them all!

    edit - I had Ford HD’s for work and they were hit and miss. Some where awesome and some were chunks of darn.
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  8. Never heard that. Funny. I'm stealing that.
  9. I liked it so I could unlike it.
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  10. I bought a slightly used (20K miles) 2016 F-150 with the bigger of the two Ecoboost engines (3.5 Liter V-6). I got it in the “luxury” XLT trim package. The basic XLT package is pretty basic... it has the small screen and it has the bench seats up front. The luxury package has the bucket seats and the big screen with Apple CarPlay, etc... The Lariat is the next step up and it’s nicer, but quite a bit more expensive and wasn’t worth the extra coin for me (I spent $28,600 and would’ve been looking at mid $30K’s for the Lariat).

    Anyway, I love it. It hauls arse, it tows fantastic for a 1/2 ton pickup, it gets good mileage (generally about 20-21 combined highway/city) and I really like the interior. I’ve put 45k miles on it in a year and a half and it hasn’t given me one issue yet.

    I love those new Titans but I assume the price tag is pretty rough. I also like the Tundras, but they are pricey and that MPG is tough to swallow. I’ve had one GMC in the past and liked it, but didn’t love it.
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  11. Good to hear. I’m really think I’m leaning towards an F150.
  12. I have a three year old GMC. It’s been great. No issues after 75k miles except the usual American made car rattles. Best road trip vehicle ever. Most weekends I drive it to either the east or west coast so I can then be a real fan and fly in for games.
  13. Can't be too tall to do that effectively...
  14. Script writer for Drunk History?
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  15. I’ve put about 140k miles on my 2015 F-150
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  16. If I were in the market right now, I imagine it would be close between the F150 3.5 eco boost and new body style Silverado. I have liked the newer F150’s for quite a while.

    A buddy of mine bought a new 1500 Silverado with a 3.0L duramax diesel in it. I was unaware that they did that until recently. He says he can get mid to upper twenty mpg with it in town and 30’s on the highway.
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  17. I thought we were talking about Trevone.
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  18. Just messing with you.
  19. No, I'M the one messing with YOU.
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  20. Never mess with the messer. I will mess you up. Meet me at the bike rack or the frog fountain, chief. ;)

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