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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Prolly so. I’ve always heard he just hates the ship out of weed eating.
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Does anyone like Elle Duncan on Sportscenter?
  4. Wow! I go to sleep for a few hours and this kind of stuff drops. Glad you’re ok Riggs. Just so you know, those who have outside of the hospital cardiac arrest (or inside for that matter) have an abysmal survival rate. Seems like I recall it is around 1%. That is not good. If they used an AED on you, then that and CPR saved you and you were very lucky to have been where you were and surrounded by someone who knew what to do.
    Just wow!
    The 24 hour induced hypothermia is great as well. Likely saved a lot of brain cells. Sounds like you got all of the best care.
    Wait, this isn’t gonna be like the movie The 6th Sense is it?
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  5. Yeah, wife eventually figured it out when I was gone for so long and the FD showed up, so she kept my kids away. She was a freaking trooper through all of this. Think she rode in the ambulance with me and a good friend took the kids home, but I need to clarify that.

    Didn't see any light. Don't really remember ship from Sunday afternoon through Thursday. Hell of a ride/story! Lucky to be here, honestly. All of the Drs and nurses are pretty amazed that we pulled it off.
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  6. A co-worker's mom was there and saw it all go down. I saw the texts from her mom telling her to pray, pray, pray! She said it was simply amazing to see the doc and EMTs in action.
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  7. Pretty sure he’s now the cardiovascular version of Bruce Willis in Unbreakable.
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  8. I read an article that said that the survival rate is much higher if doctors can get the artery opened up within 60 minutes.

    I’m guessing that happened in Riggs’ case.
  9. I think we read the same article. Honestly that one scared the [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] out of me.
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  10. I swear, some of the craziest ship goes down at that Albertson's and this was just par for the course.
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  11. I don’t know you but for you and your family’s sake, I’m happy you beat the odds here and hopefully will make a full recovery.
  12. Riggs. I am glad you are still with us. I have never met you (if I have I am sorry, I know I have met Ron but I think he is the only one in hasmsp but I am not sure...) but having been through a serious brush with death I can completely relate. Pretty surreal.
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    True. The problem is many die before the hospital.
    That’s why I specified out of hospital cardiac arrest. The ones you’re talking about are mostly heart attack with chest pain but without cardiac arrest.
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  14. I picture you making that face on your avatar right before your heart attack.
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  15. Holy [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] dude. Cant imagine how scary that was for you and your family. Glad you are ok. On the bright side you probably feel invincible now.
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  16. And/or while taking a ship.
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  17. Riggs, glad to hear you are doing better.
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  18. Glad you are recovering, man!
  19. [​IMG]
  20. My gosh, glad to hear you are doing better. Stay strong, man. Will keep ya in my prayers.
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