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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Liked for Wal-Matt.
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  2. I really am incapable of typing words goodly.
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  3. Not me, FYI
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  4. Did not want to do an OT, so posting hear. (mainly because I look forward to the smart [mensa] replies.)


    Have not had the fox sports regional channels in weeks. I know folks were mad at them about hbo. And I don't really see them getting the ACC Network by Thursday's launch.

    Thinking about switching. Know a lurker here that is about the same.
  5. I did, but we use those melamine things, so nothing broke...just made a really loud noise. Got spaghetti got all over the cabinet doors by the sink, too. Ugh...it was awful.
  6. I have a hidden gem in that post for the usual crowd. If nobody takes advantage of it ...
  7. Here, hear, he're.
  8. Today was my first official “no longer the committee chair for my son’s cub scout pack” day. After 4-1/2 years. Spent the evening unsubscribing from about 637 email lists. Craving a cigarette for some strange reason.
  9. Lower back pain (right side), standard stretching, ibuprofen and acetaminophen, ice and heat pad aren’t helping much.

    When I elevate my lower back using a pillow to relieve the pain; my right leg starts tingling and I get numbness in my legs (sometimes just the right, sometimes both) If I’m walking around I’m okay other than a dull albeit consistent pain. Any bending movement or sitting or laying down and the pain is at its peak. Especially in the morning and evening.

    Does this sound like a herniated disc causing hell on my sciatic nerve? I have an appointment set tomorrow for an orthopedic dr.

    Ive had back pain for years and I’ve been taking otc pain meds, CBD, chiropractors for years.

    Hoping to hear something from someone who has shared some similar symptoms or information from our resident poster @tcudoc

    Edit- tingling and numbness occurs more often in my right leg while driving lately.
  10. I’m just posting, obviously not going to see my dr tomorrow and tell him that an internet friend told me I had back aids and that he’s wrong. Just fishing the pond to see if anyone has experienced something similar.
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  11. Sucks. I hope the doctor helps you out and you find relief. Ever try acupuncture? I’ve had good success with it for all types of pain over the years.
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  12. That describes most of my issues. I have less sciatica, though it does happen occasionally, and I have frequent spasming, which you didn't mention much, if at all. I do the same treatments you described and also have a home TENS unit.

    I have a near herniated L5-S1, bulging in all lumbar discs, and arthritis throughout the lumbar spine. I've been relatively pain free for 6-8 weeks, but I've done absolutely nothing to achieve that result from a treatment and exercise standpoint. Just pure luck.

    My issues seem to be caused by inflammation in the lower back, which is why those treatments help. Sounds like you have the sciatic nerve closer to your chronic inflammation than I do.

    Best of luck with the ortho. Hope you can get some relief without the knife.
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  13. Damnit. I was actually going to say aids.
  14. All of that is consistent with a herniated disc in the lumbar region. I hope you are able to get some answers. You will likely have a scan ordered. If you see a surgeon, you usually get offered surgery (if you are a hammer, every problem looks like a nail). If you see a pain doc, you will get epidural steroids. I would try conservative first before surgery. Sometimes time will allow some resolution of symptoms. Avoidance therapy (avoiding heavy lifting) will allow some healing.
    My best advice is get the scan and see what's up. Try avoidance therapy with rest and core strengthening exercises. If still needed, consider injection therapy (epidural or transforaminal steroids or facet blocks if that seems to be the issue). If that fails, consider surgery.
    If you are having cord impingement (weakness/bowel or bladder symptoms), then all bets are off for conservative therapy.
    Find a surgeon or pain doc you trust and, even then, consider a second opinion.
    I am not against chiropractic or acupuncture and it helps lots of people. For a purely mechanical problem though (disc problem), it usually only delays things. Massage therapy is good for symptom relief but will likely not do much to heal anything related to a disc problem. Topical over the counter menthol based analgesics can offer a small, but often meaningful, symptom relief and should not be discounted.
    I deal with the same things and I keep putting off getting it evaluated, so I don't even follow my own advice. I am still stuck on the ultra conservative avoidance, NSAID's, topical, and chiropractic rarely.
    Hope you get relief.
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  15. Thank you. I’m grateful that I don’t have cord impingement because that sounds awful. I originally thought that it was a normal lower back strain and that I tweaked something until I tried the old pillow under the lower back trick to go to sleep and both of my legs went from tingling to going numb. Then I started piecing it together and realizing that I had been removing my wallet from my back pocket during long drives because it helped my back and my leg was “falling asleep”, so I thought at the time. Now it seems that I’ve been having nerve issues for a few months now and it finally came to a breaking point.

    I will definitely try to avoid the surgical route. I’m not quite 30 yet and I really don’t want medical devices in my back so early in life, unless I can help it. I will still hold out some hope that it’s a bad strain, but my gut is saying I’m wrong.
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  16. I used a tens machine a few days ago to try to relieve some middle back pain. I think my spine is trying to save itself some discomfort by shifting itself a bit over time and it made my mid back feel like I pulled something even though I hadn’t done anything.

    I am going to purchase one soon instead of borrowing my SIL’s.
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  17. No, I’ve never tried it. I’ll be looking into the many different routes for pain relief after I have my appointment. I’ll be asking a lot of questions depending on the diagnosis.
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  18. Same. I mean, is there really any other way to self diagnose it from those of us that aren’t well informed in the medical field? Lol
  19. My wife suffers from extreme back pain due to a car accident in high school. The only way she has successfully managed it is through yoga. I feel for you nwla. That sucks.
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  20. I’ve been thinking about yoga lately. I lift at the gym 4-5 days per week and have been doing it for a few years now. I may consider it more seriously now.

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