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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. sure pooka might even sit out an entire game, the spring game but still a game

    speaking of kansas, did anyone catch where the ncaa has said they won't complete their investigation of the adidas scandal and illegal recruiting until AFTER this year's final four?

    if only the ncaa investigators could find a reliable source of information on this whole thing
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  2. Y’all see JC’s latest post?
  3. It's nice but an older style, great location. Side note, if you stay there and get a room that faces north, make sure to keep the curtains shut. The Kress lofts are next door. Lived in the Kress for two years and there were many people who apparently didn't realize/didn't care.
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  4. Yep... constantly refreshing
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  5. Or wait till someone spills the beans here.
  6. I can deal with anything except 1.
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  7. Yup I went and put on the cup to get ready
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  8. Or double that
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  9. Those are my two guesses
  10. Hopefully you will stop refreshing before Sunday night
  11. Lord. My time is about done over there. It's awesome if you follow recruiting, but if you rely on it for insider team info, 2018 has been a rough year for 247. It's obvious he's being handled by the Athletic Department
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  12. Offense or defense? I'd much rather it be one of those two, and I like both of them a lot.
  13. Yeah recruiting is only thing I use it for now days. There is zero doubt that Jeremy is being feed misinformation and being told what he can and can’t post
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  14. Offense player
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  15. Yeh... I just don't have the time day in and day out to follow recruiting closely, so it doesn't hold much value. Moose and others do a great job on KF recruiting that satisfies what I need. The team "info" has been awful
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  16. Definitely love JC but it seems to me the staff has cooled with him in the facts they give. I agree that a lot of misinformation and diversion is probably being fed to him and he’s just reporting what he hears (I would do the same).

    It seems like this year has had the most differences between what was rumored and what we have seen.

    If that really is what’s going on, I don’t entirely blame GP for that. Other teams definitely read TCU 247 and make decisions based on what they read.

    Running a recruiting site has to be tough, tough work.
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  17. Nope. We live in a democracy dammit! Gotta be a team vote.
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  18. I love JC. Great guy. But I could never invest that much time into high school kids.

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