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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. C
    Careful (almost) neighbor, he parks at the sub courthouse at Trail Lake & 20, the old SouthWest Bank.
  2. I've probably said it before, and may say it again, but Los Amigos Invisibles are the absolute jam.

  3. What’s everyone’s vote for best hotel in downtown FW? Played gigs at all of them but never stayed at one. Getting a night away with the Mrs soon and need input.
  4. No idea. I was less interested in the details like when and where.
  5. It was new.........to me today.
  6. Omni
  7. He typed Ft Worth, not Waco.
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  8. Some friends of mine had a balcony suite at Worthington, and that room was badass.
  9. Has anyone stayed at that new Aloft? Also is Etta’s Place done with renovations?
  10. The Omni is nicer but the Worthington is in a WAY better location. I prefer the Worthington for that reason alone.
  11. Definitely Worthington or Courtyard by Marriott.
  12. Last time at the courtyard I had a cool room with a outdoor terrace balcony thing. It was awesome. Hotel is just so so though.
  13. I think they just finished a big makeover.
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  14. I’ll be working the Indy Bowl here in Shreveport. Looking forward to being a part of a college gameday/bowl game setup.
  15. The Omni is apparently 100% sold out on Tuesday. Every other night but the one I want is available.

  16. Nothing to do down at that end of downtown anyway.
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  17. Unless you are attending a cheerleading or metals stamping conference.
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  18. Alofts are very fancy/swank, but the rooms tend to be rather uninspiring.
  19. Politely disagree. Aloft in Houston off Westheimer was trendy, but cheap finish out.
  20. He said his wife was going to be with him.
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