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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Every commercial for Reagor Dykes has been the worst thing ever. I hate them.
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  2. The blonde on those commercials is a corporate spokesperson or something for Kia. I've seen her on Kia commercials in Atlanta, South Carolina and the Florida panhandle
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    The horned frog getting some love on the front page of reddit. OP incorrectly labels it in title. Some TCU chatter in the comments
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  4. Sounds like a stalker.
  5. Found this guy a few years ago on location in Midland. I almost stepped on him!

  6. That’s awesome!
  7. No photo, but my daughter found 2 in Flagstaff last week.
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    Found this little buddy in Big Spring back in 2015.


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  9. 2015 in the Tx Panhandle.
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  10. We've rented a house on the Guadalupe next week. Any suggestions on tubing companies/which section of the river to float? Probably going to float the sections closer to the dam, but maybe we'll venture down to the Comal also? Don't know, trying to set some things up.
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  11. Comal is my favorite, we always do Landa Falls as they are the longest float on that river. The river stays around 72 degrees year round so it's a nice cool float during the summer.
  12. Comal is great but can get crowded. Check out Rebecca falls if you have time. Hope y’all have a great time.
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  13. Love watching the US Open. Really enjoy that professionals look like I do on the golf course once a year
  14. Man, this is brutal. Kind of hard to watch. I swear, one of the pins is on the side of a hill.
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  15. Yeah there are a couple brutal hole locations. Rose missed a 3 foot putt that looked like it had 5 feet of break. Kutcher I think it was had a putt uphill that rolled back a few inches when it came to a stop. Laughed at Phil blading a 70 pitch shot though
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    My avatar on this site is a horned frog I found on the trails near my house when I lived in Santa Fe. Was walking my dog when she took off after something. When I caught up to her, I found her sniffing something that turned out to be a fairly full-grown horned frog complete with blood near its eye. Apparently my scaredy dog was seen as a threat to that little guy. I’ll find the photo and post it in a non-thumbnail version in a minute.

    Edit: forgot to post the photo. My bad.
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  17. Disagree. If I wanted to see people make double/triple bogey I would pull up a chair at Pecan Valley.

    I love watching the pros go low, especially on the difficult courses where majors take place.
  18. Perhaps I’ve failed the Rorschach test here, but this seems like an odd choice for the logo of a girls empowerment conference.

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  19. No doubt. Butterflies aren’t powerful at all.
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  20. Wait, you see a butterfly?

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