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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Or black jackets!
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  2. ....or Sunny in a black jacket.
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  3. Would, but not a gif person. Others do that way better hear. i can't even figure out half the buttons in the toolbox above text box.
    I did find a video link. But that would get me in some serious trouble.
  4. Ok, I tried. where's wex.jpg
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  5. Or a J. Fisher replica #0 jersey.
  6. Dinner here tonight for my last night in the city. Pretty stoked.

    Keens Steakhouse
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  7. Very nice. My wife and son ate lunch at Tavern on the Green, just got out of the Hamilton matinee, and are headed to Carmine’s for dinner.

    Their day is going a little better than mine.
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  8. Nerds
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  9. If your wife and son like world class dive bars tell them to try Jimmy’s Corner on 44th in Times Square area.
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  10. He’s 8, but I’ll pass that along.
  11. The redirects are back....just got 2 in a row
  12. Shreveport likes the outdoors so much that we built 2 Academy’s next to each other.

  13. Keen’s is pretty awesome. Last time I was there John McEnroe was eating and cussing at the table next to us.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Yes. We had 2 grades that first 6 weeks. The test and a homework grade weighted much lower than the test. The remainder of that 6 weeks was spent memorizing the "Gettysburg Add Dressed" and reciting it one pupil at a time in front of the class. We were also evaluated on our thespian delivery, but those grades didn't post until the 2nd 6 weeks.

    Because of that waste of a month or more we didn't even get to Texas joining the U.S. by the end of the school year, which means Lincoln's famous speech was impertinent to anything we covered that year.
  16. How in the blue darn do you remember all of that?
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  17. what the hell kind of Texas history class goes from hemispheres to Abe Lincoln? Weird teacher.
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  18. I remember all sorts of weird boat. All of my teacher's names from every class I ever took. I can walk to every classroom I ever had a class in and tell you the professor/teacher name and where I sat. I remember the kind of notebook/back pack I had for each class.

    But I can't remember the name of the new vendor I met in my office today.
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  19. She was the worst teacher I ever had. She was routinely wrong about simple things. Ann "Gruesome" Newsome had a reputation that I thought was impossible to live up to until I had her.

    ETA: I remember her arguing with Stephen Reeves about how to pronounce his last name. She thought he was supposed to pronounce it like Darelle Revis. The parent/teacher night after that debate was fantastic.
  20. I'm somewhat similar, but most of my obscure recall is about funny/weird things (see my Lin Elliot story in #Baylortears). You're borderline psychotic, IMO.
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