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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. The way he treated people behind the scenes. Promoters, bar owners, people who work backstage and keep the clubs running like a well-oiled machine. Other acts that were on the bill with him as well, especially openers. Basically was a POS to these people. It's one thing if it's the type of act that doesn't come around much but when you play some places 4-5 times a year and treat people like [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] you're gonna burn some bridges. His payment demands were pretty ridiculous as well, given his time on the scene. Plus, from what I've been told his dad was a lot like Baker Mayfield's daddy.

    Not everyone is going to be liked but I've heard more [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] talked about him than anyone else. Hopefully he's changed but for a while he was known as an arrogant prick.
  2. Turn around is under 2 hours. Landed and off plane at 710. Boarding is at 815am.

    Their lounge isn't bad.
  3. The place across the freeway from Lost Creek?
  4. Good God is she gifted with a very long arm. How does she feed?
  5. Is it just me or does any area where the channel for one of the big 3 broadcast networks is above 15 seem pretty beaten down?
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  6. Is Randy Cody your contractor?
  7. You sure it's new? I know a few people who go to something down there every year with Texas guys.
  8. For what it's worth that three hour drive is absolutely awesome. Seven mile bridge is like few other drives I've ever been on.

    But, aside from that, be prepared for an island that appears to have a combination of Mexican cruise port and Mardi Gras. There are quite a few clothing optional bars that you run the risk of seeing ship you don't want to see even from the sidewalk.

    The Conch Republic is an American treasure. It's also a chaotic mess. I look forward to hearing your views on it.
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  9. The pier at night is a requisite experience. Shopping on Duval St. will be fun for Lady Punter. Hemingway museum is interesting.
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  10. Cosign. Some of the smaller keys on that drive are fantastic. I actually thought Key West was underwhelming. The rainbow stickers all over businesses there will make you feel like you never left Austin.
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  11. Not much beats the passion that comes with high school athletics
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  12. Tell her you’re putting her in detention
    Then hit this link, volume UP!

  13. Is this his drag persona? I didn’t think he would get “that” into the Keys.
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  14. Maybe it’s a future imperfect possession inflection where he wanders the pier randomly punting Ladies.

    I’ll show myself out.
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  15. This is the 1st year for Mile Zero Fest I was told...there may have been something in the past like it.

    And I'm kinda pissed...our boy Casey Donahew won't be there..instead he will be playing 15 mins from my house in San Marcos. Bad luck...

    And for your rant on Casey Donahew...couldnt tell if serious....that was a pretty long tirade that almost sounded like entertainment fiction..
  16. Any Tech tickets up in here?
  17. Long? It was 8 sentences? That's a damn haiku for Purp. Back when my buddy was more on the scene I got some pretty cool access behind the scenes and got to hear a lot of people talk. Sorry to disappoint your CD hard-on.

    For comparison, almost everyone, to a man, agreed Wade Bowen was about as good a dude as you'll find. And I'm not a big fan of his music either, but I respect the hell out of him.
  18. Damn...meant to ask as well. I need 2 after McDaddy.
  19. Go in with an open mind and stay away from the Carnival cruise crowd. If you're going with the lady I recommend taking the ferry to dinner on Sunset Key.

    Spent many days in the keys, mostly for fishing. Like others have said, the drive down US1 may be my favorite part.

    Sounds like a great trip - you'll have a blast.
  20. Ok how about rodeo tickets for tonight?

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