Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

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  1. Just watched the last 2 episodes of The Kennedys After Camelot, on Reelz, with Katie Holmes as Jackie.
    Don't bother. What a bunch of crap. Just more blather about how saintly she was. The dialogue was straight out of a treacle machine. Yeah, the Kennedys had a lot of tragedies - who hasn't?

  2. Well, to the best of my knowledge, no one in my family has been murdered by Cubans.
  3. Anyone been watching the Amazing Race this season? The hot blonde, Ashton, is a TCU grad and a realtor here in FW. They kind of portray her as a bit stuck up and bitchy but she's partnered with the biggest nerd which makes it difficult for personalities to mesh. I've actually worked with her on a few things over the last year and she's a sweet girl. I ran into her about a month ago with my son and he was too shy to get a hug. I told him he's gonna regret it one day.
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  4. At Horseshoe Bay for a wedding tomorrow. Where should we go for lunch?
  5. Arts house?
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  6. I meant eat lunch. Not lose my lunch.
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    Damn you sound like me when Im hangry
  8. Laird's BBQ, Llano.
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  9. So.. this product existed at one point:

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  10. Just eat pie at Bluebonnet Cafe
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  11. No spring sale talk? Anyone pickup any goodies? I got a purple frogskin football jersey and a helmet.
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  12. I'm sure this was only used as a kids toy.
  13. We'll give it a shot. Had lunch at Laird's. Food wasn't bad, but wasn't amazing either. Great little location though and I really liked the setting.

    It got a little weird when the pit master started talking to us about Fort Worth. He graduated from White Settlement in the early 60s and hadn't been back until a couple months ago. Running down the list of lamentable things he noticed while there he mentioned "all the colored people in [his] neighborhood" and how run down they let everything get.

    Still a nice afternoon, though.
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  14. I love when you're talking to someone and they start being openly racist and just assume you dislike people who don't share your skin color, too. It's like since I'm white they just assume they are free to talk negatively about "coloreds" or whatever term they decide to use, and that I share their sentiments.

    It's always a little shocking and I never know how to respond. At least it serves as a good reminder that there are still people like that out there.
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  15. And you found it how?
  16. Someone posted it on Facebook today, cracked me up!
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  17. Sup guys, I miss y'all, it's been forever...

    Ironically enough work has been killing my KF.c productivity.

    Anywho, I just arrived in San Antonio for a business trip -aka- The Valero Texas Open and happened to see this outside my hotel upon arrival...
    Begs the question, does anyone have some TCU golf connects?
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  18. Toddlers are hilarious. What do you want for breakfast? Chicken dinosaurs and oranges.
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  19. don't knock it til you've tried it...
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  20. Before he became a perv, Bill Cosby had a funny one on "chocolate cake for breakfast."

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