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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Help? Taint's references to Japanese slang terms seems to be about the most normal thing he does.
  2. Heights... 9th and Studemont area
  3. No worries

    I'd have made the same joke if I were in your shoes
  4. He obviously watches dirty Jap pron all day, so I am recommending he get help.
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  5. You say that like it is a bad thing...
  6. Boy, you're just really "blasting" me on this thread. I wish there was something I could do to combat your superiority over me in gambling, clock management in football, and life. Also, you seem to know most everything, so where can I can get help? Do you have some good places you go?
  7. The mini coopers gave it away. I'm moving to Woodland Heights here soon.
  8. Just to clarify, I drive a truck

    and bow hunt

    and eat steak

    and do chicks

    and can throw a pigskin a quarter mile
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  9. Check the date, love your state.
  10. When did I claim to be an expert on this? (not saying I am not though)
  11. Don't let these bozos get to you........75% of them are sitting at their computer right now sporting feathered hair/parted like a 5 year old....black sunglasses with croakies......and wearing a Magellan fishing shirt. All of which automatically void their opinions in my mind.
  12. Zammers, what's your beef with Magellan shirts? Are you PFG snob?
  13. Wow +1 to Zammers. We all know it's true too
  14. Pffft.... Tortoise frames, Game Guard, and I'm bald
  15. Tortoise frames are the [craig james]. Costas, right?
  16. Brines
  17. Solid
  18. Since A&F makes no shirt that would be one size too small for me, I will never violate this rule.
  19. I'd like to hear the dousche patrol's comments on men wearing scarfs in the winter..

    particularly, wearing scarfs out to a nice dinner or lounge as a compliment to the outfit.. underneath a nice sportcoat or blazer or peacoat..

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