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Gundy's contract reduced by $1M and one year following internal investigation

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jul 4, 2020.

  1. Daily Oklahoman: Gundy's contract reduced by $1M and one year following internal investigation

    STILLWATER — Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy’s contract was altered following an internal review of the program that found no indications of racism more than two weeks after a near player revolt.

    Gundy’s contract was reduced by $1 million and one year, going from a five-year rollover contract to just a four-year rollover deal. His buyout was also reduced.

    OSU athletic director Mike Holder said Friday morning that Gundy suggested the changes.

    Read more at https://oklahoman.com/article/56659...act-adjusted-following-internal-investigation
  2. So the school profits? Morons in Stillwater. Donate that million to a good cause, or establish new minority scholarships or something, and get some decent PR outta this debacle for a change.
  3. The guy wore a tshirt while fishing. If it had said "Kill Trump" the players would still be partying.
  4. renegotiating a worse contract when an investigation found no wrong doing? what in the world. this is one of the stranger things to happen in 2020.
  5. Yeah I'm not following this one. What did he do wrong?
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  6. Someone that knows something about OkSU football can set me straight if I'm wrong (and if it matters), but isn't Gundy by far the most successful football coach in that school's history?

    IIRC, Les Miles did enough losing at OkSU that some of the press was shocked that he was offered the LSU job.
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  7. Gundy's main sin? He doesn't beat OU. To quote the late, great Jim Wacker, "Ya gotta win the Big Games."

    There was another famous line, probably uttered by a number of Coaches through the years, "You have to win just enough to keep 'em sullen."

    In the case of Gundy, they are using the t-shirt as an excuse and a wedge. Yeah, they'd like to get rid of him, but they probably realize that what follows may be far worse.
  8. Seems that there is likely more to the story than what's being reported, for sure. But they certainly could have done Some of the things you suggested to get a more positive PR look for both him and the university instead of a head scratching news piece.
  9. He was photographed on a fishing trip wearing a t-shirt with the emblem of a conservative news outlet - oh the horror! - which offended some liberal, first amendment-hating snowflakes on his team.
  10. I’m guessing this is actually just his Covid-19 cut disguised as targeted PR.
  11. "Oklahoma State athletic director Mike Holder met with the media Friday morning, less than 24 hours after he and university President Burns Hargis released statements about OSU’s internal review of football coach Mike Gundy and his program."

    "Holder and deputy athletic director Chad Weiberg spent the past couple of weeks reviewing the football program, speaking with current and former OSU players. They concluded that the issue is Gundy’s lack of personal relationships with his players but that there were “no signs or indication of racism.”"

    They respect him as an excellent game-day coach, but they want more coaching on a personal level,” Holder said Friday during a Zoom conference. “This crosses all racial lines. Our players want a better connection with Mike Gundy. They view him as a difference-maker and they want him to help them grow as leaders. We conveyed this message to coach Gundy and his reaction has been everything that you would want. He’s been humble, remorseful and committed to change.”


    "For the 2020 season, Gundy was scheduled to have been paid $5.25 million. In the wake of a controversy that began with his publicly having worn a One America News T-shirt – a gesture that angered some of his players and resulted in negative national focus on the program – Gundy apparently reacted with two self-imposed sanctions: the $1 million reduction in his compensation, along with an adjustment in the structure of his contract."

  12. Or African Americans. But go ahead with the charged political crap.
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  13. The bold part will be used against him in recruiting 100% as it should
  14. Funny, but wasn't it the outraged snowflakes who engaged in the charged political crap in the first place? I don't think any rational person would give two poops about an old t-shirt worn on a fishing trip except for the irrational, deranged and perpetually indignant looney-tunes of the left.

    Oh, and nobody brought up race except you. Good job.
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  15. Only $1 Million? The guy is 2-12 versus OU?
  16. Hard to imagine 'Stoolwater' as the new Mecca of political correctness. All of this combined with their

    recently contrived effort to stimulate social awareness. Little wonder that Gundy doesn't know what shirt

    would be deemed appropriate.
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  17. Oh ok so “liberal, first amendment-hating snowflakes on his team“ isn’t a political reference. Got it. I wouldn’t have had a clue what the letters on that tshirt referred or cared if it wasn’t for my BLM friends raising a fuss—and they’re not loony tunes, they’re black.
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  18. They’re characters, not songs

    *looney toons
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  19. Check again. I think you're about to get Mandela Effect'd.
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  20. So, I brought up the Mandela Effect recently (well, pre-Covid) at a couples game night thing we do with a bunch of my old college roommates and spouses. One approached me later because his husband is from South Africa and lived there during apartheid, and he wanted me to know that he thought it was offensive that I brought it up. I explained what it was (because I assumed he didn’t hear the full discussion earlier) and that it had nothing to do with anything remotely controversial. Didn’t matter...it made him think about apartheid, so it was offensive. Other than saying “I’m sorry” before going to get another beer, I was literally speechless.

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