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Great story and now a TCU connection....

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by ScottPatrick, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Think the original story has been posted here but if missed:

    And now this (Best of luck to this fine young man!!!!):

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  2. What a great kid!
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    Wow. Watch the video if you haven't.
  4. So glad I just happened to be cutting onions when I watched. Great story on determination!
  5. He might not be homeless but I bet he could kick Art's sorry butt. That is one tough and tenacious young man.
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  6. Oh. My. God. What a wonderful young man.
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  7. Wow. Thanks for posting.

    An inspiration to all.
  8. Would love to see him on the sidelines. What a great story
  9. Devon>Rudy?
  11. Incredible story. Inspirational young man.
  12. Pro Tip - The key to not crying while cutting an onion is to not get overly attached to it.
  13. Yeah, my allergies got much worse while watching that story.

    As Coach Cumbie will say to Devon, "Next Frog Up!!!"
  14. I feel like no one is commenting on the obvious.


    Y'all see him flipping that tire around the 5:00 mark? Makes me feel like an unhealthy POS.
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  15. I thought the same thing. I'm thinking "Oh this is a nice little story, disabled kid getting a chance to make a difference"

    Coach: "Well, he benches 225"

    Me: "Whaaaaaaat??.........can he play defensive end?"
  16. I watched the video when it first came out. Great stuff and, yep, that kid was throwing that tire. It didn't say anything though about the story of how he ended up at TCU. Anyone have the back story?
  17. Phenomenal! This kid is on his way to doing big things. Glad TCU is going to be a step on that journey!
  18. Just found this article from the FWST last year while Devon was in Fort Worth as a motivational speaker.

    TCU wasn't on his radar at that time.


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