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Great Kenucky Derby!

Rich Strike was the longest shot at 80-1. Epicenter the favorite at 4-1.

“The starting gate for the Kentucky Derby includes 20 spaces. Rich Strike wore No. 21 because the horse wasn't supposed to be in the Derby — and not just in the small, immediate sense that he was an also-eligible added 34 hours before post time, and only after another horse scratched. No, Rich Strike and his entire entourage — his trainer, his jockey, his owner — none of them is supposed to be here, on horse racing’s grandest stage, their paths to the winner’s circle more improbable than even the 80-to-1 odds that Rich Strike paid.”


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Maybe not. But they know what happens if they fall and break their leg. It’s not a very well kept secret in the stables.
Flat racing is definitely the most popular and lucrative form of horse racing in the USA, but I find an inherent flaw that has very significantly limited my interest: the youth of the horses.

A horse does not reach physical maturity until its fifth year, sometimes as late as earlyin its sixth year. Until then its skeletal structure isn't fully developed and consequently it's more prone to catastrophic injury. It truly grieves me when such a beautiful, spirited animal is run to its death at roughly 15% of its life expectancy.