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Great espn article: 12 Stories Behind TCU’s 12-0 Season

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Awesome article- not just because it's pro-Frogs, but it's actually very well researched and written. A rarity these days. My favorite bit:

"I brought him a Mercedes, and he said he didn't want anything that fancy," Ewing said. "I said, 'Dykes, lemme ask you a question. Are you undefeated?' He said yeah, and I said, "Well get your ass in there.' Now he looks like Jethro Bodine driving an S-Class."


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like for the Jethro shout out…

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Newton's speech "We here now! Everybody step up!" and Graham's observations of the staff. "High level of teaching and accountability with elite discipline".
That pretty much sums it up for me.
Newton's been a GREAT pickup. Always thought he looked really good out there and I'd think, damn, is he as good as what I'm seeing? I guess other people noticed too.

Hope he comes back but he looks like a draftable player for sure.