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Good News on TCU enrollment for fall

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Brog, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. Have to admit I was one of those predicting all sorts of loss of students for Fall 2020. Here's the good news I just saw. Hope we retain it.

    Total Enrollment - 11,379, up 3.2%
    Undergraduate Enrollment – 9,704, up 2.4%
    Graduate Enrollment – 1,675, up 8.1%
  2. how many new students are refuges from california?
  3. Yes, absolutely incredible news!

    Worth noting that:
    - pre-Covid, this was expected to be a record enrollment year
    - the 11,379 is 2% under the pre-Covid budget
    - but with Covid, TCU had made budget cuts to prepare for a drop in enrollment from 20-40%
    - the increases in enrollment are in spite of restrictions that meant almost no new international students could travel to the US to enroll (IOW, countering a decrease in international enrollment)
    - to keep enrollment numbers, the school did pull money from the endowment to increase the discount rate another 7-10%
    - but Boschini said this increased aid is something that should be preserved going forward as it puts TCU’s discount rate on par with its aspirant peers

    So while there are still some financial gaps, TCU is far outpacing the expectations in the current environment. Really, really good news.

    Add on the very positive Covid trend, and TCU is on course to survive the financial blow of Covid with a lot less pain than expected. Hope that stays on track and that football can be played to avoid financial havoc within athletics!
  4. Pure insanity to me that that many people want to pay that much money to go to TCU under the current circumstances. I guess if you've got the money....
  5. Most TCU kids are products of successful, smart parents who understand the science and facts behind this whole thing...and as you and I have said who both have kids in college...we aren't afraid of this over-hyped disease especially in relation to college kids.

    You can't slow down or stop life for something that is less deadly than the flu...
  6. I wasn't referring to people being hesitant to send their kids to school during a pandemic as much I was them being hesitant to pay that much money to get much less than your typical college experience.
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  7. You're absolutely right, but this isn't anything new. When I started TCU in 1950, tuition was $20 per semester hour, or $600 for the year. At the University of Texas, tuition that year was $45 PER SEMESTER (unlimited hours), or $90 per school year. It was pure insanity that so many parents went ahead and sent us to TCU so that the enrollment, for the first time, got up to 3,000.
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  8. And then there are people like this.

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  9. And to be honest, even now for a lot of people it's exhilarating.
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    I've got two daughters away from home at college as well as a wife who teaches 6th grade and a 7th grade daughter that are at school every day. I haven't spent one second worrying about the idea that any of them could catch the disease let alone catch it and become seriously ill or die. The fact that there are people out there that are beyond crippled with fear (and for almost no reason in most instances) is beyond lost on me.
  11. I thought it was impossible to pull money from the endowment?!
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  12. I think Vic knows a guys who knows a guy....just sayin’
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  13. Agreed. I’d pull my kids and have them in CC if a freshman or sophomore. No value in TCU without the campus experience.
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    Completely agree. The recent (albeit forced) cost saving initiatives across the University especially with procurement and targeted supplier RFPs has been a game changer. Combine that with the high amount of early retirees from the incentive program and that helps with the losses.
  15. So we have a negative number of students?
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  16. right there with you Moose. The reaction to this virus is absolutely ridiculous.

    Steel has 4 in college and 2 in HS. Doubled down in the weak RE market by buying a house for two of them.

    steel hasn’t taken off a single day at work since covid. In office. Never gave it a second thought. Has brought in a lot of extra business as others hid in their houses or whatever
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  17. Enrollment may be up, but I doubt there are 6000 students on campus. It's weird how quiet it is. Parking? Choose your lot.
  18. with the two in high school living on their own it is just you and the dog in highland park
  19. Damn! Why doesn't Boschini get us more crowded parking lots? Or is that Cumbie's responsibility?
  20. The same held true for rentals in the area. Signs up everywhere at the beginning of the semester. Then, last weekend saw a bunch moving in. I guess mom and dad did not want to commit until they knew the semester (on campus learning) was going to make.
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