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Good Movies/shows I've watched recently

Discussion in 'Hell's Half Acre' started by Frognosticator, Jul 13, 2020.

  1. Just started binge-watching The Office. Can't believe I'd never watched it before. Amazing writing, and Steve Carrell is hilarious, not to mention the astounding support cast.

    Also, even though its a kids cartoon, Avatar, The last airbender is a really good show. I recommend it if you have kids.
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  2. Lots of music documentaries. Mostly online. As for shows, I guess mostly Opry performances on Circle network. They have been running special 1 hour performances during this time of non-normal. So they'll have 2 or 3 artists/bands. Usually a staple of real country music and two newer folks. Also caught the whole season of Dailey & Vincent on there. Some good performances. There are some other good shows on that network. Disclaimer - It is an OTA network.
    (I welcome any recommendations for "best digital antenna".

    I realize that is not exactly a show, bt it is what I have watched the most besides Lethal Weapon movies. I have tuned in quite a bit to a couple of the instruction shows they have on the Golf channel.

    oh, and Caddyshack.

    Tried to get into The Office, but it just did not play long with me. It was a good and funny show, however.
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  3. the office was at its best to me when it could take a very, very uncomfortable situation and just wring every single thing out of it without feeling forced.

    some good examples:

    scott's tots
    diversity day
    gay witch hunt
    when phyllis gets married
    the dinner party
    prince paper

    the episode where michael takes them out to the lake to find his successor

    think the series ran too long and there were some story lines i just didn't like or get, but when it was good it was great television
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  4. Wife and I have been binge watching Parks and Rec, never watched it before now. Easily one of the best written shows I've ever seen.
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  5. "I'm worried about the turtle flu"

    Sorry, figured it was with this summer's theme.
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  6. well written show that did a very good job of developing characters over time though there was one they could have done without at the end

    think they did as good a job of wrapping up the series with that many story lines and characters as i can think right now.

    they did a much, much better job compared to community or even the us office in closing down their series
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  7. Just watched Boardwalk Empire. Very good.

    tried Westworld. Sucked

    tried game of thrones. Not good.

    office and parks and rec are great.

    tried community. Couldn’t stick with it

    After Life with Ricky gervais on Netflix pretty good
  8. Here's a few more that are on your level:

    Rupaul's Drag race
    Power Rangers
    My 600 lb life
    Hoarders: Buried Alive

    The last two might hit too close to home for you.

    Just trying to help.
  9. Some scenes are just so uncomfortable. Like I said, Carrell is amazing.

    And yes about the not feeling forced. I'm wondering how much ad lib goes on in the show.
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  10. I like parks & rec as well
  11. Rewatched ‘The Wire’.... still the greatest.
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    My daughter listens to the podcast Office Ladies where the actresses that play Pam and Angela dissect each episode one by one in order and discuss what was going on during filming, what was ad libbed, what funny stuff happened, who broke character and when, etc. It is funny to go back and watch knowing some of the funny things that they reveal.
    One particular story has to do with when they were getting new health insurance and Dwight was in charge of picking the plans but needed everyone to divulge publically what their pre-existing conditions were. They had to write them on cards and give them to Dwight. Several fake diseases were brainstormed by the writers in secret. Only Dwight, who was angrily reading them off to the rest of the cast, knew in advance what they were going to be. So, the reactions were genuine. When he read off "Hotdog fingers," either Oscar or Stanley lost it and broke character and it was caught in the background. Pretty cool knowing the backstories. We watched "the injury" the other night where Michael burned his foot. They said almost all of that one was scripted down to the word. My daughter was giving me the commentary from the podcast. She said the part where he asked Pam to rub butter on his burn was scripted, but he went off script when she refused and said, "I've got Country Crock..." In that episode, Dwight has a concussion. The scene where Dwight is getting a scan of his head and Michael tries to put his foot inside the scanner to get a freebie scan of his injury was ad lib. He also went off script when he was ranting about his injury causing him to fall and now he "has a protuberance on his elbow."
    I watched Booze Cruise last night. Quality television.
    That show is, in my opinion, a top 5 ever written TV comedy. Michael Scott is one of the best all time TV characters. He is the modern day Archie Bunker. So cringe worthy that it is, at times, hard to watch. A classic moment in the series is when Pam is interviewing for a new job in Philly and she meets Bob Odenkirk as the new Michael Scott. He did such a great tribute to the character. I wish he had made a few more appearances in the cameo role. He would have been a great choice to bring in after Steve Carrell left.
    I am watching Space Force now, and he just does not capture the magic in that show.

    My favorite TV comedies of all time:
    The Office
    Arrested Development
    1600 Penn (only lasted one season; created by Josh Gad before he was the next big thing; totally underrated)

    Honorable mentions:
    King of Queens
    Get a Life (super low budget campy Chris Elliott experiment about a 30 something paperboy who lives with his parents)
    Parks and Rec
    Everybody Loves Raymond
    Single Parents (just got cancelled after a couple seasons)
    Modern Family-through about season 5 or 6. It became almost unwatchable after that.
    Frasier-Good solid characters; better than Cheers, IMO.
    All in the Family-still pretty solid decades later
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  13. I'll have to check out that podcast.
  14. I have heard a couple of episodes, but it moves a little slow for me. It lasts about 45 minutes (I think) and they do commercials and beat around the bush a bit too much. I would listen to them all if they would just get to the good stuff sooner. There is about 10 minutes of really good stuff crammed into 45 minutes of them chatting. It would be better if it was Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute instead. I would be very interested in listening to Creed Bratton discuss the show as well.
    On the topic of the Booze Cruise episode, the deleted scenes has a scene of Creed Bratton shredding the guitar. Apparently, he is quite talented on the guitar. On the same episode, when Michael says the ship is "sinking" metaphorically, one of the extras jumps through the window and into the water. He was apparently absolutely not supposed to do that. The camera guys caught it and it was pretty legendary.
  15. That's hilarious. I just started listening (like, two minutes ago) and its weird hearing "Angela" be friendly and nice.
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  16. Outside of Better Call Saul, the Mandalorian, and Clone Wars, I haven't watched much lately. My teacher wife has binged many shows since school shut down. Surprisingly, Married with Children and Malcolm in the Middle hold up fairly well. There were many little cultural things that I missed on Malcolm the first time around that later went mainstream.
  17. I still go back to Ricky Gervais "Extras" on HBO for a laugh.

    I love "Breaking Bad" and enjoyed "El Camino" to wrap up the Jesse storyline. Need to watch "Better Call Saul".

    Amazon Prime series "Hanna" is good and has one of my favorite series actors, Mireille Enos, in it. Go watch "The Killing" with her and Joel Kinnaman. Very binge-able.

    Currently watching the AMC series "Turn" (Revolutionary War spy drama) on Netflix.
  18. We binged The Killing nightly for a couple of weeks. Very good original story spanning the first two seasons. Kinda lost steam after that, but highly recommend seasons 1&2.
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  19. I would agree thinking back. I feel that away about the last season of Ozark. Funny thing about The Killing: Somehow I got it in my head that the male and female leads actually married in real-life. Come to find out Mireille Enos is married to Alan Ruck ( "Cameron" from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off").
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  20. always found it amazing how a series can have a good story line and writing for one season and then just go to complete [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] damn near overnight.

    understand how a series like the american office can struggle when you start swapping out key characters and you are trying to interject new story lines, but it is the series that goes strong for a season or two and then just falls apart

    give credit to phoebe waller-bridge for shutting down fleabag after two seasons and curious how long we will see killing eve

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