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God Has A Plan For Your Life

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by ThisIsOurTime, May 4, 2020.

  1. Where have you seen street preachers yell at you? I need to send them some money.
  2. Some folks get spiritual because they have seen the light and some because they feel the heat.

    I don’t know much about the guy in the video, but I do know it’s a pretty good time to start listening a bit closer to God.
  3. Amen to that.
  4. End times folks.

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  5. Yet, not near as bad as your facebook posts.
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  6. More pressing than end times talk is that the bible says life is but a vapor. Lots of folks think I will repent later on my schedule but then time runs out on them or they become so hardened by a life of sinning that they forget to or don't want to in the end.

    As for the end times, nobody knows the time or the hour but for those who follow the signs, it isn't as far away as your quote might suggest.

    Regardless, I would hope people turn to God based more on John 14:15: if you love me, keep my commandments. Sadly, there are many folks who say they love God but fit more into 1 John 2:4.
  7. We get it...you vape.
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  8. Except E. Michael Jones has justified the Holocaust as basically "it was the Jews fault."

  9. scheiss plans
  10. Hitler was Catholic.
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  11. Well, then it would seem urgent that you send that pic.
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  13. The keyword in that sentence is "was." He may have been raised Catholic but he certainly didn't remain Catholic. When he went on his Aryan kick and adopted social darwinism, he abandoned whatever Christian principles he had of his youth. Social darwinism fits more with an atheistic worldview rather than a Christian one.

    Christians value the sanctity of life and so do not support eugenics as we believe all life has value as it is made in the image of God. This is why they are pro-life And more to the point, E. Michael Jones does not support eugenics or any white race arguments. He was planning to debate white nationalist Jared Taylor on the topic but the Coronavirus broke out and so those plans were scrapped. Go watch the video. If E. Michael Jones didn't value the sanctity of life, he wouldn't have tried to help the black woman on the bridge and tell her "God has a plan for your life."
  14. Good plan:

    "[T]he group that is responsible for virtually every social ill in our day — from wars in the Middle East to pornography and gay marriage at home — namely the Jews, around whose evil machinations the axis of history turns. If the Church wants to have its history back, then it will have to contend with the Jews once again as the Apostles and the Church Fathers did 2000 years ago." - E. Michael Jones, The Jews and Moral Subversion

    "You [Jews] have undermined the moral order and now don’t be surprised if people start acting out their aggression towards you" - E. Michael Jones following the Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting
  15. Does his plan address our play calling?
  16. looks like a 90 yo Dennis Quaid.
  17. God spoke to me so I created a Madden Franchise with all of the Frogs currently in the NFL and places them all on the Cowboys. Ahh. So much fun. Dalton to Reagor is fun.
  18. This is why I love to see you post stuff. It makes me laugh.

    Social Darwinism is not an atheistic construct. It's a vague philosophy that spun out of Darwin's writings that the became different sub-philosophies that used skewed understandings of "survival of the fittest" to support things like eugenics, authoritarianism, racism, and even laissez-faire capitalism. There are others as well, like Hitler's actions (Hitler despised organized religion, particularly Christianity, but he was not an atheist. He instead seemed to believe in a god of his own creation that smiled upon Germany), but I included the 4 examples I did because they have plenty of association with the current American Conservative movement that predominately prides itself on its Christian morals.
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  19. Can you see if He is interested in an NCAA 2021 game? Asking for a friend...
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