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God Has A Plan For Your Life

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by ThisIsOurTime, May 4, 2020.

  1. You sir, have been a gentleman and a scholar since day 1. I think it's time we joined some mutual friends Tom Brown and Terry for a meal of Tacos and Beans. One thing we have generally agreed on was first discussed by the Fresh Prince of Bellaire. And no I have not really tried other parts of the buffet.

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  2. As to your other point, everything I've been taught has matched up with the what I have seen. The Almighty is very much a gentleman and only intervenes when asked. Within the last week I was at a breaking point on a business issue and within 1 day of breaking down and praying for God's guidance and intervention I had a lady attorney from Seattle who was more than willing to help. Happy to discuss in detail over some coffee or lunch. There are times back in the day where I personally did not ask for His intervention but it was obviously there. The prayers of my mpom and grandmother probably kept me out of jail. Sadly neither is here anymore.
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  3. Still not one shred of evidence that Craig James killed 5 hookers while at SMU.
  4. Brilliant ?*&%#?!@^#?
  5. I give it three days and you’ll recover.

  6. What are your thoughts about this video? Is he right?
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  7. Actually, I like how this youtube channel has put together some inspirational Christian videos. So I am including another example below for those who may be interested.

  8. If this is your Gods plan he needs to get his [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] together fast, cause he is failing miserably right now.
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  9. Please explain your position further. What specifically do you think God should be held to account for? And what responsibility do you think we have in these things?
  10. The creator created .... that may be all there is to it ... the rest is up to us. If man chooses to treat people unlike themselves unjustly, then that's up to man. If man chooses to do the right thing, then he should do that...
  11. How did this get un-relegated?
  12. obvious answer is divine intervention
  13. we only have one...
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  14. If you people just keep in mind always that sooner or later you’ll be lying in eternal sleep, things will seem better. Maybe. Probably not.

  15. Well, if it is going by who has the most followers than it is not Jesus or his creator. If it is going on who has done the least harm than it is certainly not Christians either. I don't claim to know just saying.

    All I know is this thread title seems more and more ridiculous every day.
  16. Are you serious? Do you not see the evil currently surrounding us all? Do you not see that we have created hell on Earth?
  17. I was looking to see how this thread got to 17 pages.

    Thanks for the explanation.
  18. who has done the least harm because we are all human and humanity regardless of race or creed has done terrible things to other members of humanity throughout history which i am sure you know.

    furthermore, the one thing i am confident about is some time in the future be it later today, tomorrow, whenever humanity again will see someone(s) doing something terrible to someone(s) else

    maybe the plan is to let us see what happens in this world when we live life our way, live by our devices. who knows right?
  19. Hell on earth.... LMAO.... this post explains so much of what you seem to believe/advocate. We've got an overblown disease and a few days worth of protests riots that have resulted in some property destruction and a handful of deaths. I'm not sure exactly what "hell on earth" is but what we're going though right now isn't even a blip on the radar of bad things that humanity has endured.
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