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God Has A Plan For Your Life

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by ThisIsOurTime, May 4, 2020.

  1. There are roughly 2 trillion stars (solar systems) in our Milky Way galaxy, and there are roughly 2 trillion other galaxies out there. Most solar systems are similar to ours in that there are at least multiple planets in them. Do the math and there are just a ridiculous number of planets out there, and maybe even more moons (which are also potentially inhabitable)

    Many of those planets aren’t inhabitable (too hot, too cold, or they are gas giants), but an astronomical number of them are at least rocky planets at a correct distance from their star to sustain life.

    There is absolutely life out there somewhere, the universe is just too large for there not to be life out there. There’s a good chance we will never find it though because the closest potential inhabitable planets are light years away and unless our space travel technology advances way past what we are currently capable of, how are we ever gonna know?

    That being said, it has recently been discovered that one of Saturn’s moons has a liquid water ocean underneath it’s frozen exterior being heated by its core. This is our current best bet for finding life somewhere other than earth. Of course, if there is life there, I’m sure it would just be tube worms or bacteria, but still.
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  2. Young Earth Theory has been conclusively disproven. I believe that it weakens the Christian faith dramatically and allows non-believers easy ground in these discussions, and leads to mocking and ridiculing believers, as is the case here. Most unfortunate and a terrible waste.

    I would encourage OP to study this more before tilting again.
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  3. Does God know who S.Robinson was throwing it to at Texas?

    If so I would appreciate a sign.
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  4. I also would say there is a lot of bitterness and sadness in this thread. As there is in life. It’s hard to square all these horrific tragedies (and near misses) with an “all-loving God”, isn’t it? This is a deep and real struggle. One of the four fundamental questions that we as humans must wrestle with.

    I would recommend C.S. Lewis’s The Problem of Pain. Not excerpts. All of it. It doesn’t answer the whole question to the satisfaction we would desire as humans, say, when we ask “how does a clock work?” or “why does that flower bloom in spring?”

    The very nature of God and the complicated nature of this question don’t allow for tidy answers, like with the clock and the flower. But his writings on the topic lead to some understanding. Not on a granular level but on a macro level, and that book has given me more perspective.
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    Agree with everything you've said, however, a decade or so ago when I was younger/paying more attention to this stuff, thought it was more like 1-2 billion solar systems in the MW galaxy and a couple billion galaxies ... and that the MW galaxy was considered one of the smaller to medium size galaxies, while our star system is relatively an insignificant one in size in our galaxy.

    It's just amazing how science can see/measure all this stuff whether it's billions or trillions.... just unbelievable. If we don't locate life on the Saturn moon or Europa moon off Jupiter.... then it's very possible we perish before we have the technology/ funding to locate it some where in the MW(which to me, is almost a universe with in itself).

    The problem with finding a planet with intelligent life, is the numerous planets that have had it and perished, millions/a billion years ago, while others are in their infancy of their evolution. This drastically reduces that scenario. So just to find that bacteria somewhere else would be our best shot and an extraordinary feat.
  6. If you don't mind me asking, out of curiosity, what is your religious background?
  7. Question ... which is more important, your religious beliefs or spiritual behavior?
  8. Before I give my answer, please elaborate a little more on what you specifically mean by "spiritual behavior?" For example, are you talking about doing good works? having some type of deep connection thru prayer with God like feeling his presence? Having some type of spiritual encounter like maybe an NDE (near death experience) or other event? I am curious what this means to you.
  9. I posted this earlier but the thread is a bit overwhelming, so I’ll cut and paste my earlier answer:

    Upon years of inquiry spent, I came to this conclusion: God exists. Of this I am utterly convinced.

    That we can know such a thing means that we have an obligation to sincerely seek Him out.

    For me, that is where the faith journey begins.

    After much seeking, I chose a life of Christian faith.

    I still have a lot of questions. They will likely not be answered in this life. But yes, there is a purpose for my life. And yours.

    If anybody ever wants to talk it out, PM me.
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  10. I told you all!! This is Steel doing a bit!!!
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  11. What does “important” mean? :)

    I believe that “spiritual behavior” unaccompanied by conviction and faith is little more than meditation and appreciating the moment. Both of those are really good things, that make you feel good and bring physical and mental benefits, but they didn’t answer any of the big questions for me. Ultimately they are good habits, but they cannot bring purpose to one’s life.

    That said, religious conviction unaccompanied by spiritual behavior can eventually become dogma. Dogma by itself has few benefits for anyone. Religious conviction can bring a sense of morality and structure to a society, for a time, but left alone it will be overcome by the passage of time and the introduction of new ideas. Only when religious conviction is accompanied by positive, powerful spiritual behavior does conviction make sense, bring purpose, and become truly meaningful.

    So the answer I guess is, both are equally important, as one is of little value without the other.
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    It was a very simple question. Religious Beliefs or Spiritual Behavior. Willing to put others 1st and allow yourself to do for others with out expecting anything in return.. Having a conversation with a god of your own understanding daily and trying to carry out those discussions ... whether anyone out there is listening or not.. but you are listening and can act positively on those reflections of your behavior the previous day... by correcting any wrongs and continuing the positive behaviors..
  13. Now I answered your question... now please give a short answer to my original question:
    Religious Beliefs or Spiritual Behavior .?.
  14. Religious Beliefs
  15. Hmmmm...….
  16. For those who are not Christians, what is your reason(s) for not being a Christian? And as Frank Turek likes to ask, if you found out Christianity were true, would you become a Christian? Why or why not?
  17. I suspect the devout Muslim could ask, What is your reason for not being a Muslim? And the devout Buddhist could ask, "What is your reason for not being a Buddhist," and the devout Hindu could ask, and the devout Confusionist..., and the devout Mormon, and the devout atheist, and the devout agnostic, and the devout Zoroastroist, etc, etc. Why, or why not?
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  18. my problem is that in my heart this is not a binary choice, but more one akin to try to explain the process of falling in love or developing a relationship with someone
  19. We can get into that later. I would like to give non-Christians a chance to respond first.

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