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Get To The Scholl Tonight...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Gary's Shirtless Revenge, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. fixed it for you, but agree.

    the lack of size upfront is still the biggest concern i have for this team going into conference play
  2. I like that the band drug an entire drum set into the Scholl tonight. #jazzband
  3. That's my 3rd biggest concern behind defending the 3 and shooting the 3.
  4. Well I was counting Barlow- especially since he has a donut
  5. i think that when it comes to shooting the 3 it is important who is shooting that for the frogs and when in the offense

    defending it i think will get better as the season progresses.

    grayer isn't going to get taller and smith really needs this early minutes to get ready for conference play.
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  6. he looks really, really raw on the offensive end.
  7. 16-34 shooting the 3 tonight
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  8. bane, fuller and grayer are 12 of 21 which means the rest of the team is 4 of 15
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  9. Fuller is freaking good. Tons of athleticism, endless motor, pretty high basketball IQ? Yeah that’ll work
  10. fuller has put up a very solid score line tonight

    16 points, 6 rebs, 4 assists, 4 steals, and 2 blocks.

    only down side are 3 to's, but he really has a high ceiling and i think we see him post a big scoring game some time soon
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  11. Fuller

    15 points
    6 rebounds
    4 assists
    4 steals
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  12. This team has a much higher ceiling than last year.
  13. I’m not seeing the problem with that.
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  14. Definitely looked good tonight. We know Bane is terrific and Grayer has a nice looking shot too. Still waiting to see on the rest of the team. Thinking ahead to Big 12 play, if we don't have a couple other reliable shooters then teams are really going to squeeze Bane. Hopefully more shooting performances like tonight are on the way.
  15. right now it works.

    will be interesting come conference play and right now no one is forcing the frogs really to work hard on the defensive end.

    that really is where my concern comes in for grayer.
  16. Definitely who shoots the 3s is a key. Bane and Grayer seem reliable and still waiting to see on the rest.

    Just like with FT's. If Samuel is taking a lot of them then our percentage probably won't look great. If other guys are taking the majority then we'll probably shoot them well.
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  17. Plus he has that competitive nature, took a charge and laid out for loose balls up 20.
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  18. We will be a team of runs. When we get stops we’ll get lots of 3s in transition. Probably not going to be as effective vs Big 12 teams in half court
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  19. 98 points is fun.

    Gotta see more action before we know what we have. Definitely think we are better than the 100th team in the country or whatever that one ranking was.
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  20. 18 3 pointers is a new program record for a single game. Previous high was 17 vs UNLV in 2008.

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