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Georgia, Michigan and TCU


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Mentioned in the other thread, but for good measure: watch out for:

This week:
- A&M eliminates LSU tonight
- USC wins tonight

Next week:
- Georgia, Michigan win & in
- USC win & in
- TCU loss & fighting for the last spot vs. Ohio State and big-brand-bias

Right now — This scenario seems pretty likely if we lose next week.

And even if TCU wins next week, will the committee still seed 13-0 TCU 4th behind 12-1 USC?
In 2014 OSU had the 12-1 record, the conference championship, and the better SOS. None of that will be true this year.


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Is the CFP #2 v #3 the peach bowl or the fiesta bowl?
It depends who’s #1 — which will likely be Georgia but who knows it could be Michigan. #1 gets the geographically-friendly location. Either UGA or Mich would presumably get Peach if #1.

This is a long way of saying nothing is for sure but it’s likely to be 1 v 4 in Peach and 2 v 3 in Fiesta.


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True but will the committee care? They’ll find some [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ] stat to keep us out. I think we have to win or USC has to lose.
Another way to look at it is if one team has a conference championship (outright), a 12-1 record, and a better SOS why wouldn’t they be picked over the team that doesn’t?