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George Floyd Protest/Rioting/Looting Thread

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Paul in uhh, May 30, 2020.

  1. I didn’t say that there was a slaughter happening, those are your words.

    I’m arguing that all populations are not treated equally, the numbers show that. Systemic racism has hindered certain populations for generations, kept them impoverished, destroyed their families.
    But you refuse to see that. You cast all those that speak out under one umbrella, all you see is the violent protests and riots. You ignore the peaceful ones.

    And contrary to your belief, there have been lots of protests than haven’t resorted to violent riots. Not going to say that some have not gotten violent, because they most definitely have, but not every protest has been violent. Not even close. Listen to those protesters that haven’t been violent, listen to those that try to have the conversation.
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    All of your posts have leaned toward support of police killings being some sort of systemic race killings. Not once did you question any of this until the data showed a very small percentage of blacks killed by police. Then you changed course again and tried to assert the numbers were skewed by lower population, until it was pointed out the disparity in who is committing violent crimes and coming into contact with police. Now you just want to fall back on the old liberal race card.

    I never said that there was no racism in this country, but the vast majority of police killings had nothing to do with race. I’m sure a few have been some, but not many of the highly publicized cases. Rodney King, perhaps, but his two black accomplices were untouched sitting in the deputy’s car because they didn’t resist and fight. Ferguson, MO, nope -6’6” 300 lb kid that just robbed a convenience store was trying to be questioned when he went waist deep into a patrol car trying to grab his gun. George Floyd was legally stopped for passing forged checks and resisted and had fentanyl in his system. The Kenosha, WI guy was photographed resisting and wielding a curved Philippine fighting knife. I’m not saying people deserved to die, but they’d all be alive had 1. Not been doing something illegal and 2. Not complying with lawful commands. In everyone of these cases I assume you think the cops would have stopped and said, hmm, white dude, I’ll let him shoot stab or fight me? Even the tragedy in Louisville, possibly bad police work, but not racially motivated. I doubt they would have cared if some white dude was shooting at them, before returning fire. It’s tragic a young woman was killed, but to insinuate her race had anything to do with it is crazy.

    You are going to believe what you want. I will continue to believe .00002% does not justify riots, looting, BLM assertions, or even that race is the main factor. Is it In some, I am sure. Was race involved in a guy punching a white male nurse on a subway in Chicago, or Rick Moranis in New York, likely more so than many of the police killings. Bottom line, don’t commit a crime and you are likely not going to have an issue. If stopped and you comply, you are likely not going to have an issue. This doesn’t apply to Breonna Taylor, but white people have been killed in botched police actions too.

    It is not a perfect world. Italians, Irish and Asians have been treated with bias. They are now some of the most patriotic Americans. We need to move in this direction with blacks too.
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  3. Honest question: Do you believe blacks, whites, Hispanics commit crime at the exact same rates (proportionally speaking to their respective population sizes)?
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  4. And the same amount of fans in the stands.
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  5. She thought he was Napoleon Dynamite.
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  7. Yeah, he's a part of the boogaloo movement. Far-right, anti-government.

    I wonder what the other flag is in the background. I can't find it anywhere.
  8. You made me curious. I can't find it either. Is it a question mark with three cannon balls? Or is it a P?
  9. Do all far-right people think Trump is the enemy?

  10. The body cam footage of this is pretty astounding.

    Beverly Hills cops see a black man jay walk with a Versace bag and decide to stop him, and then frisk him for weapons in broad daylight even after he cooperates and answers all of their questions.

    Turns out the black guy was a VP and designer for Versace.

    I can understand stopping the guy to tell him not to jaywalk. But what was his motivation for frisking him?


  11. Can’t be boogaloo without a Hawaiian Shirt
  12. I never said he was a Trump supporter or a Republican. I was clarifying that he was part of a right-wing anti-government group rather than a left-wing one.
  13. Yeah, that’s BS. I’m completely against stop and frisk. Jaywalking isn’t probable cause for frisking someone.
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