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George Floyd Protest/Rioting/Looting Thread

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Paul in uhh, May 30, 2020.

  1. https://babylonbee.com/news/7-dangerous-books-that-could-radicalize-your-child

    I didn't recognize the last two, but these were funny.

    1. The Bible: This deeply problematic book teaches that all human beings are of one race, with only two genders, made in the image of God. Yeesh. Not a good look, God.

    2. Any math book: Math is a gateway drug into the white supremacist idea of "either/or" thinking. It starts with 2+2=4, and ends with your kid microaggressing her non-binary classmate. Stay away!

    3. The works of Shakespeare: We don't know much about Shakespeare because he uses big words so we never read him. We know this much though: he was a white cis-male. We recommend a comic book by Ta-Nehisi Coates instead.

    4. If You Give A Mouse A Cookie: This deeply anti-communist work criticizes the welfare state and reeks of white supremacy. It also smacks of bigotry. It's rare for a book to both reek and smack like that.

    5. The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe: Indoctrinates kids into Christianity, and shames women from being Witches/feminists.
  2. Agreed
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  3. must kill you then that you can't measure up to that [ #2020 ] standard
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  4. This list is incredibly asinine. The implication is that it’s the opposite of a privilege leave a box unchecked.

    and when one of the boxes is “I am a male” it seems odd that an organization “empowering women” would say that it’s not privilege to be a woman.

    that seems against the mission of the org but I guess I’m not woke enough
  5. I watched this gif and I regret it
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  6. My bad. Thought this was the wood post polishing thread.
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  7. Incredibly competitive top 5 when Baltimore can't crack the list.
  8. I'm sure you've heard this on national news, but last night a child in Minneapolis was shot - the third child in two weeks to be shot in the city.

    Two weeks ago a ten year old boy was shot while riding in his parent's car, over the weekend a nine year old girl was shot in the head by gunfire from a drive by while playing in the front yard at a birthday party, and at 11 pm last night a six year old girl was shot while in a car. All are in critical condition.

    I know that none of them were shot by police, but when are we going to express outrage at this? Stand on street corners with signs? Demand accountability, not for the police, but for the people putting the lives of children at risk?

    We sure seem to be able to rally, and politicians from all over rage against police misconduct. When are we going to put the same efforts into a problem that results in far more deaths? And deaths of innocent young children? It just makes me sick.
  9. Not happening – that requires a sense of personal responsibility in a liberal stronghold city. It’s like trying to sell a Prius in Odessa.
  10. That's horrific, and in a sane society these would be national news stories, but we're no longer living in a sane society. I sympathize for you having to watch your state go up in flames, and you're right about the proportion of outrage.

    At this point I wonder how many families are in the process of, or planning to leave MN?
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  11. Details on the shooter(s)?
  12. Not much at this point. In one case, the family was from outside of town and visiting. The other two were local.

    No reports on motives, gang relation, etc.
  13. Not the state, but I can speak to the city. My wife is a realtor and homes in the suburbs sell immediately and in multiple offers, often without inspections, covering gaps in appraised value, etc.

    Condos in Minneapolis? Not so much. My wife had a condo listing that took four weeks to sell, slightly below list.
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  14. Curious, when you say suburbs are you referring to towns outside the city limits or just outside the downtown area where much of the protests and crime have happened? Guess I would assume there are still some very nice neighborhoods within the city limits?
  15. lol at those numbers and that guys "facts"!

    2020 Numbers homicides for those cities:
    Chicago- 492
    Detroit 275
    Stl- 194
    Washington 166
    NO 121

    So those aren't even the top five. Only Detroit and Chicago are in the top 5 of the cities he listed.

    Other cities in top 5:
    Baltimore- 348
    Houston- 275
    Dallas- 198

    Total homicides in 2018 in US were 16,214, so removing those 5 only decreases it to 15,000, which is still 5th (not 3rd):


    After you get out of the top 100 or so countries have only a handful of homicides. Granted, I'm sure it gets inaccurate once you get to the small countries, but the author of this graphic just totally made stuff up and people buy it because of their prior biases.
  16. Thanks for the research, but you chose to use 2018 murder data to refute data that I have no idea what year it’s from. Also in removing a city from the data, you don’t only remove the number of deaths in the city you also remove the population from murder stats. I do not vouch for the information, posted primarily for the pic.

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