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George Floyd Protest/Rioting/Looting Thread

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Paul in uhh, May 30, 2020.

  1. What you have to realize, is that democrats want to get rid of the police - not to get rid of policing entirely, but to replace police with ideological police - those who serve to enforce ideology and ensure political compliance, not protect and serve in terms of crime.
  2. She was a big girl. Stabbing other girls. We have more of a mental health issue than a "bad" cop or systemic racism issue.

  3. Whatever. She was being "mostly peaceful"

  4. Trump already unified us, it's fine.
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  5. bit of a different take from your norm of all of washington is better served with the people fighting among themselves

    biden is full of [ #2020 ] and has been long before he became someone truly on the national stage, trump didn't give a [ #2020 ] about getting along, and we have been suffering through the we are now in charge so we get to do what we want for quite some time.

    same thing with the media more concerned about attention than the through. been that way for quite some time.

    thing is we really do have some big issues that need to be resolved that won't naturally settle themselves out, but we lack true leadership in either party, the executive office, the legislative branches, hell at the state and local levels

    people need to hold their elected officials accountable not just every now and then but on a regular basis but that takes time away from what we would rather do so this isn't about parties but about people
  6. Lying MFers. Yet a few here will take that as gospel.

  7. Ha! Makes a difference!
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  8. “She was a good kid, never hurt nobody”
  9. What an incredible piece of ship Lebron is:

  10. Looks like he pulled the tweet. So he is a piece of chicken ship at that.
  11. Evidence Item #1,636,354 showing why Jordan is the GOAT
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    After an hour of it being up, for his 50 million followers to see. I've got zero respect for that clown.
  13. Well, this afternoon personal responsibility took me straight through a can of pringles.
  14. Flavor?
  15. What did it say? And yes, LeBron has never seemed very bright to me. Seems like a decent guy generally, but I doubt his ability to understand nuance.
  17. Sour Cream and Onion.
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  18. Pretty sure it translated to: "This is why people like Shaq more than me"

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