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George Floyd Protest/Rioting/Looting Thread

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Paul in uhh, May 30, 2020.

  1. This will also have a chilling effect on Rittenhouse's trial and the judge had better do a better job of sequestering the jury in that case.
  2. It wasn't just during closing statements. A mistrial should have been declared. Not to mention that there is no way that jury was chewing on poisoned fruit through this.

    Folks will say who can blame the judge and jury, well, I hope those folks never have to sit charged. Because regardless of what the end result of this will be as it goes further in the courts, justice died a lot during all of this. Politicizing the courts is never a good thing.

    Worst part of it all, because of how this all went down, that jackwagon could walk on appeal. All so Dems could play politics.
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  3. He's guilty of something. Not sure what but he certainly was in the wrong. I don't feel that he got a fair trail but when you show no mercy you have to accept your fate. Because of his lack of mercy I don't have a lot of sympathy for him.
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  4. How stupid do you have to be to try to drive through the intersection in front of the courthouse right now?
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  5. Can you expand on this? Curious what you're referring to.
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  6. I agree, the last second report evidence and disregard of the judges orders on rebuttal should have triggered a mistrial. Waters' comment, mistrial. Jury tainted due to the announcement of the city's settlement with Floyd's family and the shooting of Wright in a town one of the jurors live without sequestering them immediately. etc. etc. etc.
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  7. Justice for Duante Wright!!
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  8. During the closing arguments the prosecutor (who really isn't a prosecutor by trade but was one of the dozens brought onto the team by the state) made comments that aren't allowed in a closing statement belittling the defense's positions and evidence. The fact that Cahill didn't declare a mistrial was just one of many opportunities where he was within his right to do so on legal grounds but punted on the issue. Unfortunately, it appears that for all of the "even handiness" Cahill was applying to this case he was unwilling to follow through with applying the law in his court in an effort to get this done. Well, he got it done and gave Chauvin a heck of a lot of ammo for an appeal.
  9. I do not disagree but reversing this conviction to anything meaningless is highly unlikely. He will do time.
  10. Exactly where I stand on it
  11. Doing time is one thing, and I anticipate a foregone conclusion for most. But murder? The evidence just didn't support such a conviction.

  12. Biden: “There’s no place for violence, no place for looting or destroying property or burning churches or destroying businesses. We need to distinguish between legitimate peaceful protest and opportunistic violent destruction."
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  13. According to testimony, he followed the procedure as trained by the department ... but then another person said he did it too long, and vice versa. He may be guilty of the big charge, although some of the evidence presented seems to knock that back. But after all the nonsense, have to worry what happens on appeal.
    If that dude ends up serving no prison time because of appeal, dems should admit their own wrongdoing in all of it.
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  14. took him long enough to do that. then he went to campaign events and encouraged more [ #2020 ]. no defending that commie piece of [ #2020 ].
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  15. Top Rope
  16. part of me wonders if that is why he was happy to call out Waters for her comments. let her take the blame for any appeal ... and dodge the blame he deserves.
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  17. Wut
  18. Surprised that so many of you are surprised.

    Those who follow politics closely know there was a very little chance of a not guilty verdict. Too many political operatives and big interests at stake. This was a show trial and nothing more.

    I called this from Day 1.
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