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George Floyd Protest/Rioting/Looting Thread

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Paul in uhh, May 30, 2020.

  1. A toxicologist’s testimony challenged claims by Derek Chauvin’s lawyer that George Floyd overdosed on fentanyl.

    A forensic toxicologist at the laboratory that tested George Floyd’s blood said it was common for intoxicated driving suspects who used fentanyl to have higher levels of the drug in their systems than Mr. Floyd did when he died. Prosecutors hoped his testimony would strike a blow to the argument by Derek Chauvin’s lawyer that Mr. Floyd’s death may have been an overdose.

    The toxicologist, Dr. Daniel Isenschmid, works at N.M.S. Labs in Pennsylvania and testified on the ninth day of the trial against Mr. Chauvin, who has been charged with murder in Mr. Floyd’s death. Of more than 2,300 blood samples from intoxicated drivers that N.M.S. Labs tested last year — all of which were in cases where the driver survived and tested positive for fentanyl — about a quarter of the people had fentanyl levels that were the same or higher than Mr. Floyd’s, Dr. Isenschmid said.

    Prosecutors had called him to the stand to rebut the argument from Mr. Chauvin’s lawyer that fentanyl, a powerful opioid, had caused Mr. Floyd’s overdose. Prosecutors say Mr. Chauvin is responsible for Mr. Floyd’s death, and earlier on Thursday, a lung doctor testified that Mr. Chauvin’s knees on Mr. Floyd’s neck and back were significant factors in his death.

    Dr. Isenschmid said that last year, in cases where N.M.S. Labs tested blood from a person who died and who had taken fentanyl, the average amount that scientists found was 16.8 nanograms per milliliter, about 50 percent higher than the amount found in Mr. Floyd’s blood. But Mr. Chauvin’s lawyer, Eric J. Nelson, noted that average was among people who died of any cause and had fentanyl in their system, not just overdoses. And, he pointed out, the median level of fentanyl among that group was slightly below Mr. Floyd’s.

    He said that as a person’s body processes fentanyl, it is turned into norfentanyl, and that Mr. Floyd had a relatively high proportion of norfentanyl, indicating that his body had already processed a substantial portion of fentanyl. That bolstered prosecutors’ argument that Mr. Floyd had not overdosed; fentanyl overdoses often occur shortly after the drugs are taken, before a person’s body can break down much of the drug.

    But Dr. Isenschmid conceded, in response to Mr. Nelson, that it was also possible that Mr. Floyd had taken and processed fentanyl earlier in the day and then taken more in the moments before or during the arrest. The toxicology results, Dr. Isenschmid said, do not indicate when a specific amount of fentanyl was taken.

    Mr. Nelson has pointed out that pills that had Mr. Floyd’s D.N.A. on them and may have been partially ingested were found in the back of the police car in which Mr. Floyd was briefly placed.

    Still, Dr. Isenschmid said the same amount of fentanyl can have very different effects in a new user as opposed to someone who is addicted to the drug. Mr. Floyd’s girlfriend has said she and Mr. Floyd both struggled to stop using opioids.

    “If a person becomes tolerant to a drug, they require more and more to get the desired effect,” Dr. Isenschmid said.

    Methamphetamine was also found in Mr. Floyd’s system, though Dr. Isenschmid said the levels were so low that it likely had no intoxicating effect.


  2. Not sure if this was directed to me, but I'll reply. Today was a much better day for the prosecution, their medical witnesses did a good job of putting the prosecution's point of Chauvin being responsible for Floyd's death front and center. I'm not sure if it was enough to swing the terrible past two days for their case, but they certainly came out on top today. It will be interesting to see how the defense responds when they're able to make their case, hopefully next week. I'm still concerned with the media's framing of the court proceedings as they have been overwhelmingly writing headlines that only play to the state's side of the case which creates a false perception of what is going on in the courtroom and what the jury is hearing.
  3. Grifting the stupid, a practice as old as time.
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  5. NY Post tryna get banned from Twitter with that kind of post
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  6. NY Post also had a nice headline of Black Lives Manors.
  7. It's yet another tragic situation. Although it won't matter for the man who died, I'm hoping that something emerges that justifies the use of deadly force. The threshold for shooting someone needs to be very high. There was dashcam and bodycam footage apparently, and hopefully evidence emerges quickly.

    I'm not loving being in downtown Minneapolis right now.
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  8. I see where Brooklyn Center is considered one of the most dangerous cities to live in the US, in regards to crime. What the heck? A Minneapolis suburb?

    Must be a Republican stronghold.

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  10. City is going to burn
  11. That was going to happen either way, IMO.

    Be a better cop, but don't resist arrest and try to run and that mistake never happens. Yeesh.
  12. This is being described as an officer error; the officer intended to tase the suspect but shot him.

    The video seems to support that intention based upon the reaction of surprise by the officer, but how do you make that mistake?

    They let it slip that it was a senior female officer involved.
  13. I don't know, but here's an idea. How about the suspect not try to resist arrest, jump back into the car & drive off? Pretty sure there is 0% chance of anything bad happening if he just does what the officers tell him to do judging from the video.
  14. Officer should certainly never be in law enforcement again. Should be an instant firing. But it’s a mistake
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  15. I guess people may argue George Floyd back at you. I can no longer remember the exact details, but think he was taken down pretty easily.

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