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George Floyd Protest/Rioting/Looting Thread

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Paul in uhh, May 30, 2020.

  1. Either you misunderstood my first post or you don’t have a clue what “moving the goalposts” means. I’ve made two posts on this subject, both making the exact same point.
  2. I didn’t realize you were connecting it to white supremacy.
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  3. But we all knew he was gay. I mean, come on...chickens in the yard? We all know what that means on the downlow.
  4. The Atlanta suspect isn’t the first to blame ‘sex addiction’ for heinous crimes. But scientists are dubious.

    But while the world of entertainment has in recent years popularized the idea of “sex addiction” through films and TV shows, researchers who study human sexuality and addiction say it is far from an established psychiatric diagnosis.

    “There’s an idea that when people are too turned on, they cannot control their own behaviors,” David J. Ley, a clinical psychologist and the author of “The Myth of Sex Addiction,” told The Washington Post. “But the research shows that these ‘sex addicts’ don’t demonstrate observable difficulties in self-control.”

    As HuffPost has reported, the American Psychiatric Association in 2012 removed sex addiction from the DSM-5, the nearly 1,000-page guidebook used by psychiatrists to diagnose mental disorders. Some scientists question if it is merely a mask for or symptom of other behaviors.

    Ley, the psychologist and author, argued that treatment like the kind reportedlyreceived by Long — a devout Christian — may in fact exacerbate the issues at hand.

    Self-identification as a sex addict is most closely linked to growing up in a conservative or religious environment, he said. One peer-reviewed study, for instance, found that attempting to suppress sexual thoughts and fantasies among religious people only increased the presence of those thoughts.

    “There is absolutely no scientific evidence that sex addiction treatment works,” Ley said, but judges, juries and others may nonetheless “send people to sex addiction treatment thinking it’s going to reduce their risk.”

    But he also cast doubt on Long’s claims for a different reason: The patients he treats in Los Angeles show there is no connection between sex addiction and violence, he said.

    “They’ve ruined their lives, their partners’ lives, and their families’ lives, all because they can’t control their behavior,” he said. “But they’re not killing people.”

  5. The replies to this are mind-numbing. Lots of people ready to snag a free pair of Jordans in the name of “justice.”

    also Shaun king is a race baiting slimeball who steals money from his fans

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    would love to have one of the more woke or enlightened members on this board tell me how what king says is different from what trump supposedly did in the capital insurrection
  7. “Something something trump is a white supremacist leading an insurrection but burning cities to the ground and looting from unaffiliated third parties honors Saint Floyd something something..”
  8. Talcum X?
  9. Minneapolis (and others) is going to burn if he doesn’t get the maximum sentence
  10. I'm four blocks from the courthouse right now. Odds I'll be working on site when the jury goes out?

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  11. I would encourage them to not find out what happens to trespassers on my property, if there are nationwide "mostly peaceful" riots
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Based on how things are going up to this point I don't see how the jury will buy Second or Third Degree Murder and now that we know Floyd's "friend" in the car that day appears to have been his drug dealer there is sufficient enough doubt that he'll probably be acquitted on all charges.
  14. It'll be a hung jury. There will be at least one that won't budge off a guilty verdict.
  15. And that's just based on what the prosecution has presented!

    I don't know what to expect. The officer's actions were bad, and we're seeing that Floyd had lots to dislike. The whole thing stinks.

    But if it's not guilty (and maybe not guilty on anything other than all charges), the world will burn. Bad reason to send a man to prison for murder if the further evidence shows a different cause of death. But...
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  16. So is manslaughter not on the table? This looks like a slam dunk guilty manslaughter case. 30 year sentence or so, let him out in 15-20
  17. Trump was the President of the United States and Shaun King is, well I have no idea who he is, some twitter poster?

    You really don't understand how the standards are different?

    Your standard for presidents are that of random twitter posters?

    Let me know when Biden makes a statement like Trump's.
  18. Have protesters trespassed on your property before?

    Don't worry you will be fine.
  19. doesn't biden have to publicly speak first?
  20. He is charged with manslaughter, but it’s not a slam dunk.
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