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George Floyd Protest/Rioting/Looting Thread

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Paul in uhh, May 30, 2020.

  1. Agree. The average human also doesn't set peaceful fires and peacefully loot, but here we are.
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  2. Forgot to add “Sorry”, must be French Canadian.
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  4. The Burn Loot Murder clowns are out in full force tonight in Philly.
  5. Asking to get clobbered in court.
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  6. There is audio of police on loudspeakers telling them they won't be arrested. SMH.
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  8. If you value windows and manufactured goods over human lives you are a POS.
  9. Don't charge officers with a knife and you wont be shot.
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  10. False.
  11. I guess this guy is a real POS.

    “I do not want to see my city tore down. We don’t need that. You’re not resolving anything for our family. Don’t do this in the name of my nephew because this is not what he would’ve wanted,” said Rodney Everett, Wallace’s uncle.
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  12. I'm 100% positive he is more upset about his nephew being murdered, even if looting upsets him. It is fine for looting to upset you but you cannot gloss over the murders that cause the looting like Trump supporters do. It is sickening quite frankly. Murder is more upsetting than looting every time unless you are psychotic.
  13. It's just going to be dismissed as "he brought it on himself" without any reflection. Same as it always is, hence why there is so much frustration.
  14. Show me where anyone on here actually said property and goods were more important than human lives.

    One can believe that people getting killed by police is a horrible thing, and at the same time believe that rioting and looting cities is also a horrible thing. That doesn't make them "POSs."
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