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George Floyd Protest/Rioting/Looting Thread

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Paul in uhh, May 30, 2020.

  1. Spent a bit of time on twitter today reading about the looting in Dallas. While it’s not shocking to me that most people celebrating the looting appear to be uneducated low-lifes, I have found multiple tweets encouraging the looting from people with “[university name] graduate” in their bio which surprises me.
  2. It appears that half of deep ellum was ransacked last night. Wonder how pecan lodge fared.
  3. Wait ‘til the cop gets acquitted because Floyd didn’t die from asphyxiation. Will make last night look like a Boy Scout meeting.
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  4. Wait til Trump wins in November. I may move to Montana by then.
  5. Yeah, I think it's murder but it's certainly not open and [ #2020 ], according to the autopsy.
  6. Actually,.. the coroners report said no sign of cause for asphyxiation... and if you'll check deeper that not all asphyxyiation deaths have obvious marks/signs/etc. He may have died from others but was ugily induced by the 3 cops on top of him.
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  7. What thr scheiss, man??? Unfucking real.

  8. Somehow Dallas bringing in state troopers because they are short hundreds of officers is "controversial." I just can't believe what I'm watching.
  9. Nothing says “treat me like a human being” like acting like an animal
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  10. So long as we are reducing big, complex societal problems to narrowly concerned tweets with an agenda, here’s a montage of police using unnecessary excessive force yesterday/last night.

  11. Lots of wrong on both sides here between police and rioters.

    I think it's helpful that the FWPD seems to be doing whatever they can to practice de-escalation tactics (ie deploying bicycle cops with shorts and bike helmets as opposed to full swat gear) the last couple of days.

    Compare that with Dallas where they have rolling squads of cops cars/suvs with lights and sirens...battle lines of cops in black war attire and swat shields
  12. There is a difference between Rioters looter and peaceful protester.

    Rioters, seems to be mostly(not all) later in the day/evening...mostly non locals.
    Looters, are not your voters... basically the poor desperates and criminals.
    Peaceful protesters, are the ones that demonstrate peacefully/follow curfews.
  13. We need sports back. Can’t help but think that a lot of the violence would be toned down if young men who normally watch pro sports had a game to watch this weekend.

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