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Genius tips no one will tell you about using the Weston harvest guard vacuum sealer


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If you have a Weston harvest guard vacuum sealer, you can testify to how much of an amazing addition it is to your home. Of course, they help you pack things seamlessly, and store them without the hassle. Nonetheless, chances are you’ve not been doing things rightly. Even with the best vacuum sealer in the world, if you’re not familiar with the right approaches and techniques, you cannot access the maximum potential of your vacuum sealer.
For this reason, we’ve rounded up a few tips and expert recommendations to guide you and help you maximize your Weston harvest guard vacuum sealer going forward. Note that this also applies to any other brand you may own.

Getting familiar with the basics
If you don't know how your vacuum sealer actually works, here’s a concise guide. Essentially, a set of plastic bags accompanies it, where you can place the item you’re looking to seal. Next, open your vacuum sealer’s lid and place the bag in the right position. Close the lid and follow the user's guide to local it in place. A port in the machine extracts air from the vacuum bag and seals it up with the heat. Now, you have a perfectly sealed bag with the food item preserved therein. Most issues raised in the best vacuum sealer reviews 2022 revolve around incorrect usage. By getting yourself accustomed to this procedure, you can be sure you won’t have any problem using the machine.
Expert tips and guides for using your vacuum sealer
Label before any other process
Of course, you know how difficult it is to write neatly on a surface packed with food. It's pretty inconvenient. As such, to avoid this hassle, you may want to label your bags before doing anything else -whether filling them up or sealing them.
Stackable and flat bags
If you want to conserve more space, be sure to make your bags as flat as possible to make them stackable and ultimately, conserve more space. Whether for just food storage or the french culinary technique, sous vide, you want to ensure proper arrangement of foods, so they’re flat before you eventually sell them.
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Lift the machine for liquid sealing
Your Weston guard vacuum sealer has a high probability of pulling liquid into it. This will not only make a mess but also can potentially take a toll on your machine. To prevent this occurrence, overturn a baking dish and place your vacuum sealer on it. This elevates it by a few inches. Considering the influence of gravity, you can prevent liquids from coming to the top.
Rightly sized bags
Food that remains at the tip of the bag can hinder tight sealing. Therefore, ensure your selling a bag with sufficient space to accommodate the items easily. Also, you want to ensure minimal spaces around its edges. From best food vacuum sealer 2022 customer reports, leaving 2-3 inches is your best bet.
Seal only one-time items
Seal your coffee beans, meats, and other foods amounts as portions into different smaller bags as opposed to just a big one. Suppose you’re freezing. In this case, only freeze negligible options in each bag.